San Tommaso
Capital of Lombardia
Skyline of San Tommaso
Location of San Tommaso in Luziyca
Location of San Tommaso in Luziyca
Country Luziyca
Constituent RepublicLombardia
 • MayorMercurio Quattrocchi
 • Rank3rd in Luziyca
Time zoneUTC-8 (GMT-8)
 • Summer (DST)not observed
Area code(s)01

San Tommaso is the fourth largest city in Luziyca behind Gijirokastra, Bethlehem, and Jerusalem, and the largest city in Lombardia. It is a major port city, being the second largest port after Gijirokastra in the entire country, and is well known for its history and beaches, with tourism being a major contributor to the Lombardian economy. It was home to factories and is home to a commercial center.

It was a capital of Lombardia until 1860 when Huswa Varanken ended the Empire and started the Unification of Luziyca. From the 1870s until the 1960s, San Tommaso was a major center of industry, with extensive connections to Luziyca. However, since de-industrialization, while San Tomasso has remained a preeminent port city, it has become more service-based.

Today, it is a thriving city and is the capital of the constituent republic of Lombardia.