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List of administrative divisions by country

The table below indicates the types and, where known, numbers of administrative divisions used by countries and their major dependent territories in Anteria. It is ordered alphabetically by country name in English.

Administrative divisions by country

Country Administrative divisions
First-level administrative divisions Second-level administrative divisions Third-level administrative divisions Fourth-level administrative divisions and smaller
 Amrelia 14 states

FlagofAedirn.png Aedirn
FlagofAmbarino.png Ambarino
FlagofBrenna.png Brenna
FlagofEastElizabeth.png East Elizabeth
FlagofFranklin.png Franklin
FlagofGradobor.png Gradobor
FlagofHirane.png Hirane
FlagofMarion.png Marion
FlagofMontaro.png Montaro
FlagofMortara.png Mortara
FlagofMurivel.png Murivel
FlagofNewBordeaux.png New Bordeaux
FlagofQuincy.png Quincy
FlagofWestElizabeth.png West Elizabeth

1 federal district:
FlagofWhitefordFD.png Whiteford, Federal District

450+ counties and 2 independent cities 1,000+ municipalities
Grangua 1 autonomous state


 Gassasinia 7 Provinces
Metropolitan Jabiyah Province
Southern Province
South Western Province
Interior Province
Eastern Province
Western Province
Northern Province
20 Counties Unitary Municipalities Municipalities
Screenshot 2021-07-11 153210.png Vanislavia 5 Autonomous Regions

LaUWZGR.png Sevrattia
Screenshot 2021-07-09 191608.png Dravožia
Fdjpsqfzgux61.png Krakovia
S3q4bt3emie11.png Salvatia

50 States 250+ Counties 5,000+ Sectors