List of cities proper by population (Kylaris)

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This is a list of all cities in Kylaris over five hundred thousand people in population by city proper measures.

Name Country Population Continent
Keisi Senria 20,862,000 Coius
Aldermouth Estmere 10,232,120 Euclea
New Haven Federation of Asteria 10,019,762 Asteria
Verlois Gaullica 6,781,000 Euclea
Kinadica Rajyaghar 6,220,216 Satria
Highever Valentir 5,137,863 Sublustria
Starkhaven Valentir 4,793,426 Sublustria
Reichstal Vredlandia 4,680,842 Euclea
Solaris Caesena 3,567,000 Euclea
Puerto Algodón Isla Juana 2,919,101 Asteria
Kesselbourg City Kesselbourg 2,849,000 Euclea
New Constantine Roeselle 2,776,138 Asteria
Adunis Samastara 2,554,633 Coius
Val Royeaux Valentir 2,413,217 Sublustria
Valema Valentir 2,183,717 Sublustria
Vredensund Vredlandia 1,927,508 Euclea
Ragnvald Vredlandia 1,893,864 Euclea
Halamshiral Valentir 1,829,911 Sublustria
Rayenne Gaullica 1,824,000 Euclea
Montecara Montecara 1,787,612 Euclea
Victoria City Roeselle 1,613,211 Asteria
Spálgleann Glytter 1,372,565 Euclea
Dunwall Valentir 1,345,771 Sublustria
Augustin City Roeselle 1,325,090 Asteria
Lavelle Gaullica 1,289,000 Euclea
Lerth Vredlandia 1,191,062 Euclea
Montreaul Gaullica 1,101,760 Euclea
Maredoux Gaullica 990,105 Euclea
Thorailles Gaullica 989,321 Euclea
Königsbrück Vredlandia 986,720 Euclea
Sartoux Gaullica 986,010 Euclea
Gayneva Glytter 973,260 Euclea
Havreville Roeselle 957,800 Asteria
Montsimmard Valentir 947,611 Sublustria
Port-Au-Bourg Senouillac 906,312 Asteria
Charlesville Roeselle 903,100 Asteria
Kongord Vredlandia 890,471 Euclea
Aimargues Gaullica 888,760 Euclea
Sainte-Anne-Marie Petite-Corne 879,564 Coius
Soleil Couchant Gaullica 800,004 Euclea
Invertwinc Glytter 782,587 Euclea
Côte Serene Gaullica 743,012 Euclea
Kota Sebuku Gaullica 741,601 Coius
Biscayne City Roeselle 710,600 Asteria
White Harbour Valentir 701,337 Sublustria
Asariel Valentir 623,525 Sublustria
Kirkwall Valentir 566,093 Sublustria
Kébec City Roeselle 556,400 Asteria
Snarksburgh Glytter 549,839 Euclea
Saint-François Gaullica 543,210 Euclea
Fourcès Roeselle 524,300 Asteria
Roussillon City Roeselle 512,407 Asteria
Kasaros Iyakasar 500,021 Coius