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List of countries with nuclear weapons (Kylaris)

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Map of nuclear weapons states of Kylaris
  CoN-mandated nuclear weapon states
  Illegal nuclear weapon states
  Nuclear weapon sharing programs

The following page lists countries with nuclear capabilities in the world. According to the Community of Nations-enforced Treaty of Shanbally, the world is to aim for nuclear disarmament. This goal has never been achieved, but the treaty also regulates the possession of nuclear weapons, mandating that seven states—the Asterian Federative Republic, Chistovodia, Estmere, Soravia, Senria, Valduvia, and Werania—can legally maintain nuclear arsenals. Alongside these, there are a number of illegal nuclear weapon states, and a number of nuclear sharing agreements.

CoN-mandated nuclear weapon states

Country Warheads Date of first nuclear test Delivery methods
Total Deployed
Asterian Federative Republic 190 ? 29 January 1959 ("Projeto Cinco-Seis") Air and land-based
 Chistovodia 200 ? 30 June, 1960 ("Project 849") Air and land-based
 Estmere 275 110 11 May 1957 ("Operation Phoenix") Air and sea-based
 Senria 515 250 21 September 1964 ("Daibasan") Nuclear triad
 Soravia 450 190 1956 ("Orel-1") Nuclear triad
 Valduvia 150 140 28 November 1955 ("Akrobāts") Nuclear triad
 Werania 220 180 17 April 1957 ("Fall Sieben") Air and sea-based

Illegal nuclear weapon states

Country Warheads (Deployed/Total) Date of first nuclear test Delivery methods Notes
 Shangea ?/500 1975 (Housheng) Nuclear triad First developed to counteract their Senrian counterparts.
Union of Nautasian Irfanic Republics UZIR 185 (estimated) 1984 (Seft-Khorshid I) ICBM Developed from 1970-1984 in response to tensions with socialist bloc

Nuclear sharing agreements

Euclean Common Defense Treaty Organization Nuclear Umbrella

As part of the comprehensive defense agreement that forms a key pillar of the Euclean Common Defense Treaty Organization, the nuclear states of Estmere and Werania effectively agree to shield the rest of the organisation with their own nuclear programs, effectively forming the ECDTO nuclear umbrella. This has seen some criticism in Estmere and Werania, as, effectively, their taxpayers pay for the protection of the entire community. Suggestions have been made for a joint-ECDTO nuclear program, but these have not reached fruition.


The current system of CoN-mandated states has been criticized by some. Arguments have been made that the current system of mandated states overlooks the global south, and that it reinforces Euclean domination of world affairs. The CoN maintains that the end goal of the Treaty of Shanbally is complete nuclear non-proliferation.