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List of notable Mascyllary companies

This list of notable Mascyllary companies includes notable companies with primary focus on national and or international markets. Former notable, but now defunct companies are not listed.


Name Logo Industry Sector Headquarters Founded Notes
Albatross logo.png
Industrials Aerospace  Mascylla, Lannbrück 1914 Avionics and aircraft manufacturer
AGA Technology
AGA logo.png
Conglomerates -  Mascylla, Breisgau 1887 Steel, engineering, electronic equipment, heavy industry
BIEK Group
BIEK logo.png
Consumer services Food retailers & wholesalers  Mascylla, Pehlgau 1909 Discount retail chains, supermarkets
Brecht-Gühren Group
Brecht-Gühren logo.png
Industrials Defense  Mascylla, Karnitz 1883 Arms and defense
Bunde logo.png
Financials Insurances  Mascylla, Königsreh 1879 Insurance and asset management
Edge-Cartz AG
Edge-Cartz logo.png
Consumer goods Automobiles  Mascylla, Elsterwitz 1925 Automotive
Koldmeier logo.png
Consumer goods Consumer electronics  Mascylla, Lensrau 1934 Electronics
Königliche Bank
Königliche Bank.png
Financials Banks  Mascylla, Königsreh 1850 Banking and insurances
Lehpold OAFI
Lehpold OAFI logo.png
Conglomerates -  Mascylla, Lehpold 1867 Consumer goods, telecommunications, optical and acustic equipment
LOE logo.png
Utilities Electricity  Mascylla, Mackrau 1901 Electric generation and distribution
Magnall Telecommunications
Magnall logo.png
Consumer goods Consumer electronics  Mascylla, Königsreh 1903 Telecommunications provide and distribution, electronics
MKH Distributions
MKH logo.png
Industrials Delivery services  Mascylla, Flussmund 1954 Logistics and distribution, part of Maskillische Post
Maskillische Post
Maskillische Post logo.png
Industrials Delivery services  Mascylla, Flussmund 1899 Postal services and distribution
Öhrenwerft Schifffahrt
Öhrenwerft logo.png
Industrials Heavy construction  Mascylla, Dockfurt 1908 Ship construction, defense
Reuthers logo.png
Conglomerates -  Mascylla, Langquaid 1846 Consumer electronics, health care, industrials
Schütze & Gneisau AG
Schütze-Gneisau logo.png
Industrials Defense  Mascylla, Bad Würsar 1935 Arms, defense
Shale PetroChem
Oil & gas Exploration & production  Mascylla, Königsreh 1906 Oil and gas extraction, distribution, and refining
SPCF logo.png
Basic materials Specialty chemicals  Mascylla, Trevermünde 1877 Pharmaceuticals, health care, consumer goods
Wiesar Defense
Wiesar logo.png
Industrials Defense  Mascylla, Dorothea 1864 Defense, automotive