Ludwig II of Mascylla

Ludwig II
King Ludwig in 1939
King Emperor of Mascylla
Reign24 June 1939 – 16 November 1942
PredecessorLudwig I
Surviving heir and successorTheresa I
Other titles
Born29 April 1874
Hochkronstein, Königsreh, Mascylla
Died16 November 1942
Reichsrat, Königsreh, Mascylla
Sophine Feindter
(m. 1913)
IssueFelix, Crown Prince of Mascylla
Prince Friedrich
Princess Theresa
FatherGeorg of Terunder
MotherJulia I

Ludwig II (Full name: Ludwig Kärnter Dolnheich; 29 April 1874 – 16 November 1942) was the King Emperor of Mascylla from 24 June 1939 until his assassination on 16 November 1942. He was crowned as King after his nephew, Ludwig I surprisingly died at a young age. Ludwig's most significant reform as King Emperor was strengthening of Mascylla's serfs in 1939, for which he is known as Ludwig the Unfair (Alemannic: Ludwig der Unfaire). The king was responsible for other reforms, including reorganising the judicial system, setting up promoted local judges, abolishing corporal punishment, promoting local self-government through the devolutive system, imposing universal military service, introducing some privileges of the nobility, and promoting university education. His reversing of most of the declarations made by the previous King and his nephew, Ludwig I, made him extremely unpopular. After an assassination attempt in 1940, Ludwig adopted a somewhat more reactionary stance until his death.

Ludwig pivoted towards foreign policy and sold Spehnläs to Kavalerilant in 1940, fearing the remote area would fall into revolutionary hands if there were a civil war. He sought peace and in 1941 joined with Tudonia and Tyronova in a defensive alliance that stabilized the Alemannic situation. Despite his otherwise pacifist foreign policy, he fought a brief war with Vynozhia in 1941, and promoted further expansion into Rennekka and the Columbian. Among his greatest domestic challenges was an uprising in Warnowen in 1940, to which he responded by stripping that land of its separate constitution and incorporating it directly into Mascylla. Ludwig was proposing additional parliamentary reforms to counter the rise of nascent revolutionary, fascist and anarchistic movements when he was assassinated in 1942 during a speech in Königsreh. His death would start the Firdt Crown Civil War, leading to the rise of Enst Mascylla.