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The Office of Cultural Integrity (Tamashek: ⵎⴰⴷⴷⴰ ⴰⵍⵖⴰⴷⴻⵜ ⵜⴰⵏⴼⴰⵡⴻⵏ, Madda Alɤadet Tanfawen), better known as the Madaltan, is a Charnean government organization operating under the Anahad of Culture established with the broad mission of protecting the cultural heritage of Charnea against the threats of historical revisionism, anti-Charnean ethnic nationalism, and foreign subversion. The principal function of the Madaltan is to cultivate and promote the preferred historical narrative of the Second Empire regime, funding archaeological and anthropological research into the first Empire of Charnea and controlling the presentation of new and existing finds and historical documents. Additionally, the Madaltan takes part in the broader government anti-divisionist initiative which involves the public rejection of and response to competing nationalist narratives and alternative presentations of Charnean history promoted by groups opposed to the Second Empire regime. Officers of the Madaltan recently been involved in efforts to recover artifacts stolen or looted from Charnean museums and archeological sites during the Transition Conflict and the Ninvite War, confiscating those still in Charnea and investigating the current whereabouts of those sold to overseas antiquities dealers and private collectors in an effort to return them to public possession in Charnea. This aspect of Madaltan activities has received renewed attention from the government, resulting in increased funding for the organization so that it may expand its recovery efforts. Since its recent budget expansion under the new regime, the Madaltan has become one of the more influential and prominent organizations of the Second Empire despite its small size.


The Madaltan is responsible for over 140,000 historical monuments and culturally relevant sites across Charnea, only a small percentage of which are open to the public. The office closely cooperates with academics from the University of Agnannet in its efforts for the preservation of archeological sites, historical records and in the pursuit of anthropological research.