Michael, Grand Prince of Mesogeia

Grand Prince of Mesogeia
Michael, Grand Prince of Mesogeia in 2018.jpg
Michael, the Grand Prince in a 2018 event in Alexandropolis
Born (1997-07-23) 23 July 1997 (age 22)
Imperial Palace, Alexandropolis, Mesogeia
Full name
Octavius Rhomanius Troadinos Michael Constantinus Drusus
FatherConstantine, Despot of Morea
MotherMarie Isabelle, Despotissa of Morea
ReligionMesogeian Orthodox

Michael, Grand Prince of Mesogeia (Octavius Rhomanius Troadinos Michael Constantinus Drusus; b. 23 July, 1997) is a member of the Mesogeian Imperial Family. He is the fourth born child of their Imperial Highnesses Constantine and Marie Isabella, the Despot and Despotissa of Morea, and is second in the line of succession to the Mesogeian throne. Michael has gained a reputation for being a bit of a playboy. As a grandson of the reigning monarch of Mesogeia, Michael is entitled to the rank of Grand Prince, and the style of a Sebastos.

He is currently second in line to the Celestial throne.

His grandmother Elena II is the reigning Empress of Mesogeia. He has three older sisters, two younger sisters, and three younger brothers. Because the line of succession to the Mesogeian throne is based on male-preference primogeniture, Michael being the eldest son of the heir to throne is expected to inherit the crown in the future, ranking ahead of his three elder sisters.

Early Life


Michael was born in the Porphyry chamber of the Imperial Palace of Alexandropolis, at 12:05 am on July 23, 1997, as the fourth born child and eldest son of Constantine, Despot of Morea, the heir apparent to Empress Elena II, and Marie Isabelle, Despotissa of Morea. Michael was born a few minutes after his elder twin sister the Grand Princess Zoe, shortly after midnight on July 23, 1998. Michael and is elder twin sister Zoe do not share a birthdate, as a result of being born on different days, Zoe in the last hours of July 22, and Michael in the first hours of the following day.

While Michael and his twin sister were born premature, while Zoe was born healthy weighing 6.5 lbs, Michael was much smaller weighing around 4 lbs and having trouble breathing. The doctors attending to his mother the Despotissa informed his parents that he would likely not survive. In the early hours of July 23, 1997, the birth of the twins were announced. When the Imperial Court announced that the baby prince was having complications breathing, the nation feared the worse and prayers were said in every church, mosque, and synagogue in the empire for an improvement of his health.

It is tradition for a boy's tri nomina to be chosen nine days after the birth. Michael was still in the hospital at the time but the Imperial court announced his tri nomina to be Octavius Romanius Troadinos.

For the first few weeks of his life Michael was hooked up to feeding tubes and machines to help him breath. Nearly a month after his birth, anonymous palace sources claimed that the young prince had pulled out his feeding tube. Shortly after this the prince's health improved, and his parents took him away from the capital to the Bosporos Palace. Three months after his birth in September he was christened Octavius Rhomanius Troadinos Michael Constantinus Drusus in the Chapel Imperial at the Bosporos Palace.