State-owned enterprise
Founded1213; 807 years ago (1213)
HeadquartersVìa Mercurio 30,
RevenueIncreaseŁ370.10 billion (2018)
OwnerState of Montecara
  • Montepietà açionàri
  • Montepietà inmobìli
    (real estate)

Montepietà is the sovereign wealth fund of the State of Montecara. It traces its lineage to a mount of piety founded in 1213, making it one of the world's longest-running commercial enterprises. It derives its income from subsidiary companies including flag carrier Aeracara, the state's casino monopoly, the logistics and postal company Poste de Montecara, and various other enterprises, as well as through its portfolio of securities and real estate.

Profits earned on Montepietà's businesses and investments are transferred to the Montecaran state treasury and used to fund the government. This arrangement allows Montecara to have very low tax rates compared to other nations while securing a reliable source of income.