National Society for Krishin Consciousness

National Society for Krishin Consciousness

Kr̥ṣṇā Cētanēsāṭhī Rāṣṭrīya Saṅghaṭanā
FounderDhule Ganapuli
Youth wingYoung Krishinavas
Membership (2018)Steady 9,245,677
IdeologyTropical National Functionalism
National affiliationMathrabumi
Assembly of the Mathra People
362 / 400
Election symbol

National Society for Krishin Consciousness (Marathi: Kr̥ṣṇā Cētanēsāṭhī Rāṣṭrīya Saṅghaṭanā) is a far right monarchist political party in Mathrabumi, as well as the founding party of the modern day kingdom of Mathrabumi. Currently it is the only legalized political party in the entire country, with absolute dominance over the Marthabumian state, although independent candidates are also allowed to run Mathra elections. It is also a major international Hindu religious organization, owning and operating numerous temples, translating and interpreting Hindu works, and leading charitable works. It is by far one of the most influential political parties in all of Kylaris, with a massive amount of wealth, a large educated cadre, intelligence networks, and control over a growing power with a large army.

Many scholars call the party a "Cathedral" due to it's secretive and closed nature, in contrast to liberal political parties. Accounts of the internal culture of the party are limited, and thus far we only have a faint idea of the parties internal policy making framework. Mathrabumian liberal journalist Apoorva Rane has called "a combination of ancient Hyndanan monarchical tradition, and modern day National Populism", the party has simply stated "The Party is the sole Representation of the Men Above Time to achieve greater future". The ideology is distinctly anti liberal, de jure traditionalist, totalitarian, and reactionary. It deems the current world in a "Kali Yuga", which must be ended through the liberation of the world by the men above time, who would bring the world into the spiritual realm.

These men above time must organize a tightly linked society according to traditional Indian political customs, and create a self serving "Krishinava Nation" which through the Six Fold Policy would end the Kali Yuga, and bring the entire global sphere back under the lost Dharmatic order. The "revolutionary nation" (Mathrabumi) which for centuries had been subjected by Salamists and Europeans would be the first to fall under this Dharmatic Order, and a totality of all men would come about to follow this order. A Raja who abandons worldly desires would lead the revolutionary nation to glory and prosperity, defeating all enemies and following the guidance of Krishinava. After global liberalization all Men would live in a "Spiritual World" having lost the addiction to sense and worldly desire.

The Party rejects both Western liberalism, and socialism calling them "colonial inventions to give a few Western elites power". In terms of economics the Party is third-way, calling for neither free markets or a socialistic planned economy but instead Corporatism, in which as Ram Ganapuli said "instead of conflict, the big tycoons oppressing the poor, or the poor rising up and brutally killing the hard working entrepreneur, the society acts as a single organism where each person works for his nation, and as a result everyone becomes prosperous!".

The Society was founded as a religious society in the 20s and it remained so until the 60s-70s where a new class of technocrats entered the party. While the composition had been already slowly changing from the former religious society, to a developmentalist technocratic party in the 50s through the introduction of civil service exams. This was accelerated when with the death of the first king in the 70s the new king launched major reforms to completely overhaul the cadres, adopting legalist, technocratic, and developmentalist principles modeled of the Xiaodong Regeneration Society. Many technocrats entered the party and changed government policies towards favoring the nascent Mathra bourgeriose, developing industry, building infrastructure, and the economic development of the country led by Peshwa Shantanu Pattalwar. Favorable government policy combined with economic liberalization, and opening up with the rest of Kylaris, helped lead to the Miracle on the Krishin River.

As Mathrabumian power expands many international observers are worried about the parties growing influence, which many suspect is causing the revival of National Functionalist movements across Kylaris. One of these is the sophisticated media organs of the party such as Sirand Today, which spreads right wing propaganda and Islamaphobia in many of it's broadcasts. The government officially denies this claim. The NSKC also has a tight relationship with the right wing Tribune Movement and other right wing populist movements, holding inter party exchanges and developing new National Functionalist theory. Left wing movements across Kylaris are calling for the reduction of Mathrabumian influence as it steadily grows.