National Society for Krishin Consciousness

National Society for Krishin Consciousness

Kr̥ṣṇā Cētanēsāṭhī Rāṣṭrīya Saṅghaṭanā
FounderDhule Ganapuli
Youth wingYoung Krishinavas
Membership (2018)Steady 9,245,677
IdeologyKrishin Way
National affiliationMathrabumi
Assembly of the Mathra People
362 / 400
Election symbol

National Society for Krishin Consciousness (Marathi: Kr̥ṣṇā Cētanēsāṭhī Rāṣṭrīya Saṅghaṭanā) is a political organization in Mathrabumi, with the function of promoting the nation's stability, preserving the unity of the nations democracy, protecting the king, development, and rooting out corrupt officials. It is an extremely powerful organization in the country, noted by many scholars as the "core of the Marathi state". Created in 1942 by Peshwa Yash Arondekar to mobilize the countries resources in preparation for the Solarian War it has since morphed into a statist ruling political organization which dominates Marathi politics. It mobilizes it's power thorough a large range of organizations, from neighborhood units, local society chapters, all the way up to the Privy Council. Since 1942 it has had the power to decide who can stand for election, requiring all candidates who stand for office to be apart the society. It also stands as Kylaris's largest Krishinava organization, publishing important materials and owning temples the world over. The Society also has deep links with the Armed Forces of Mathrabumi, which the armed forces seen as an instrument of the Society instead of the state itself.