Nina Solomon


The Pirate Queen

Nina Allyson Solomon
artist rendition of Nina
"Queen" of the "Queen's Armada"
In office
Preceded byInaugural Holder
Succeeded byCaptain Tierra Fairfax
Personal details
Quiniac City, Rhodevus
Resting placeunknown

Nina Solomon (1704 – 1769), better known as "The Pirate Queen", was a Rhodeve pirate who operated around the Lutetian and Divergian and is the most renowned pirate in history

Early Life (1704-1722)

In 1722, three Rhodeve ships-of-the-line stolen by the soon to be famous Nina, thus launching her pirate career.

Piracy Career (1722-1765)

In 1731, She lead a massive raid on Port Joy, attacking four major banks, including the National Bank of Rhodevus. Nina and her crew made off with some 32 million NSD (1.2 billion NSD in modern currency). What she could not take back with her, she left in the banks and then set them ablaze. Not only was this a major loss of wealth, it also accounted for more than one third of all bank notes and receipts in the nation, the remaining gold was safe, but the coins and paper bills stored were all unusable.

Retirement and Death (1765-1769)

Personal Details


Solomon is the most famous pirate in the world and is part of mainstream international pop culture. Her history is taught in various school across the world, most notably in Rhodevus where discussed in classes from grade 7 through to grade 9. In grade 7, she is touched on briefly during history discussions on women in the First Rhodeve Republic. Grade 8, she is talked about in the pirates unit, which goes over a bunch of pirates and how they effected Rhodeve naval tactics and trade across the first republic. Grade 9 has a full week spent on her, from her rise in status all the way until her death by Rezuan Admiral Audwin Leifer. There are still many myths surrounding her which feeds into all different forms of Media. Throughout time, Nina's image has changed: In the 19th century, Nina was seen as cursed pirate, in the early 20th century, Nina was seen as a figure of legend. A woman who fought the empire and did what she wanted to. For the Music Era (1930s-1950s) Nina was name dropped or referenced in plenty of songs. From being beautiful to behold, to commanding to curious, to any other personality trait imaginable. Later in the TV Era (1950s-1990s) there are plenty of tv shows about Nina. From her being involved romantically with her sailors, first mate, even a president, all the way to cheesy action adventure shows with her being either a main character or side character that comes in to give the leads instructions, to to fight them or seduce them, etc, and in Movie Era (1990s to present) there have been a few movies so far with Nina is them. The film Nina released in 2018 is the the 18th largest grossing film of all time.

It is not known how many romantic partners Nina had, but from historical records, it is known that she had around 50 lovers, and around 90 alleged lovers. Not all of them men, as she was a known bisexual and serves as a symbol for many LGBTQ+ movements around the world.