Ostric regional election, 1995

Ostric regional election, 1995

7 May 1995 1999 →
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Nominee Teodor Dahl Henrik Szwéd Norbert Olhouser
Party Progressive People's Republican
Popular vote 7,184 5,392 2,107
Percentage 48.9% 36.7% 14.4%

Regional Administrator before election

Olaf Zdùnowski (acting)

Elected Regional Administrator

Teodor Dahl

The 1st regional election to elect the Regional Administrator of Ostry and all fifteen seats in the Regional Assembly was held on 7 May 1995.

The first democratic elections held on the island, the vote was a success for the unionist Progressive League, in which their nominee, Teodor Dahl, gained 49% of the popular vote, handily defeating Henrik Szwéd of the separatist Ostric People's Party, his main opponent. The election also saw the Progressives form an absolute majority in the Regional Assembly, cementing unionist control of the national territory during the remainder of the 1990s.

Electoral system

The Regional Administrator is elected by plurality voting, while the fifteen member of the Regional Assembly are elected via single transferable vote in three constituencies, each returning five members. The regional election is, according to the Gardrag Agreement, held on the first Sunday of May every four years.


The election was held six months after the signing of the Gardrag Agreement, which set up the National Territory of Ostry and grants the island limited rule over its domestic affairs through the position of Regional Administrator and Assembly. Credited with finding a peaceful solution to the Ostric Conflict, unionist parties faced relative ease in overtaking the Ostric People's Party, which had numerous known connections to the Ostric Freedom Army and faced accusations of radicalism and fears of not following the Agreement if they won power.


Regional Administrator

Candidate Party Votes %
Teodor Dahl Progressive League 7,184 48.93
Henrik Szwéd Ostric People's Party 5,392 36.72
Norbert Olhouser Republican Party 2,107 14.35
Total 14,683 100
Registered voters/turnout 17,880 82.12

Regional Assembly

Party Votes % Seats +/–
Progressive League B 7,947 54.13 10 New
Ostric People's Party A 4,193 28.56 5 New
Republican Party R 2,543 17.32 0 New
Total 14,683 100 15 0
Registered voters/turnout 17,880 82.12