Ostric regional election, 2003

Ostric regional election, 2003

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Nominee Łukôsz Kòziol Bògdan Raske Jérzy Hagen
Party Progressive People's Freedom
Alliance Progressive League – Republican Party
Popular vote 6,597 3,736 1,692
Percentage 54.9% 31.1% 14.1%

Regional Administrator before election

Teodor Dahl

Elected Regional Administrator

Łukôsz Kòziol

The 3rd regional election to elect the Regional Administrator of Ostry and all fifteen seats in the Regional Assembly was held on 4 May 2003.

With incumbent Regional Administrator Teodor Dahl unable to run for a third term, Member of the Regional Assembly Łukôsz Kòziol, nominated on a joint ticket of the Progressive League and the Republican Party, won the election as Ostry's second Regional Administrator. Capturing just above 54% of the popular vote, the first time a candidate gained over a majority of the electorate, Kòziol handily defeated his main separatist opponents of Bògdan Raske of the Ostric People's Party and Jérzy Hagen of the newly-founded Freedom Party. In the Regional Assembly, the unionist Progressive government secured its third straight government since 1995, although losing its absolute majority and being forced into a coalition agreement with the centre-right Republicans.

Electoral system

The Regional Administrator is elected by plurality voting, while the fifteen member of the Regional Assembly are elected via single transferable vote in three constituencies, each returning five members. The regional election is, according to the Gardrag Agreement, held on the first Sunday of May every four years.


Heading into the election, the Progressive League and Republican Party entered into a electoral alliance, nominating Łukôsz Kòziol as a joint unionist candidate against the opposition separatists Bògdan Raske and Jérzy Hagen. With the unionist vote consolidated, most media organizations in Ostry and mainland Navack called the election a clear win for Kòziol, even despite his party's growing unpopularity and accusations of funding irregularities. This was furthered by a scandal surrounding Bògdan Raske over an appearance during a campaign rally, where he was seen to be intoxicated.


Regional Administrator

Candidate Party Votes %
Łukôsz Kòziol Progressive League – Republican Party 6,597 54.86
Bògdan Raske Ostric People's Party 3,736 31.07
Jérzy Hagen Freedom Party 1,692 14.07
Total 12,026 100
Registered voters/turnout 17,048 70.54

Regional Assembly

Party Votes % Seats +/–
Progressive League – Republican Party B 5,759 47.89 9 +1
Ostric People's Party A 4,481 37.26 6 -1
Freedom Party O 1,786 14.85 0 New
Total 12,026 100 15 0
Registered voters/turnout 17,048 70.54