Ostric regional election, 2007

Ostric regional election, 2007

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Nominee Jérzy Hagen Łukôsz Kòziol Otto Szikóra
Party Freedom Progressive People's
Alliance Progressive League – Republican Party
Popular vote 4,921 4,716 3,492
Percentage 37.5% 35.9% 26.6%

Regional Administrator before election

Łukôsz Kòziol

Elected Regional Administrator

Jérzy Hagen

The 4th regional election to elect the Regional Administrator of Ostry and all fifteen seats in the Regional Assembly was held on 6 May 1999.

The election was a success for fishing magnate and Freedom Party leader Jérzy Hagen, who defeated incumbent Regional Administrator Łukôsz Kòziol to become the first Regional Administrator not from the Progressive League, and the first separatist head of government in Ostry. The election was considered a major upset, seeing the end to twelve years of unionist governance by the smallest margin of victory at the time, with less then 2% between the candidates in the popular vote. The election also saw the Regional Assembly form a separatist majority for the first time in its history, with the Freedom Party and Ostric People's Party entering a governing coalition shortly after the election.

Electoral system

The Regional Administrator is elected by plurality voting, while the fifteen member of the Regional Assembly are elected via single transferable vote in three constituencies, each returning five members. The regional election is, according to the Gardrag Agreement, held on the first Sunday of May every four years.


After twelve years of unionist government, incumbent Regional Administrator Łukôsz Kòziol faced a stagnating economy and various scandals, the most notable being a botched healthcare reform initiative and accusations of misusing federal funding. Increased efforts to privatize key industries and handle the island's ballooning debt through strict austerity measures failed even further, with the election campaign kicking off with a call from the opposition to vote "anyone but Kòziol". In the opposition itself, the Ostric People's Party, the traditional main opposition in Ostry, found itself in a tight battle with Jérzy Hagen's Freedom Party, with the People's Party loosing ground during the course of the campaign to the populist Hagen.


Regional Administrator

Candidate Party Votes %
Jérzy Hagen Freedom Party 4,921 37.48
Łukôsz Kòziol Progressive League – Republican Party 4,716 35.92
Otto Szikóra Ostric People's Party 3,492 26.60
Total 13,129 100
Registered voters/turnout 17,048 77.01

Regional Assembly

Party Votes % Seats +/–
Progressive League – Republican Party B 5,261 40.07 7 -2
Freedom Party O 4,143 31.56 5 +5
Ostric People's Party A 3,725 28.37 3 -3
Total 13,129 100 15 0
Registered voters/turnout 17,048 77.01