Ostric regional election, 2011

Ostric regional election, 2011

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Nominee Mark Amundsen Jérzy Hagen Władisłôw Broż
Party Progressive Freedom People's
Alliance Progressive League – Republican Party
Popular vote 4,936 2,001 1,796
Percentage 56.5% 22.9% 20.6%

Regional Administrator before election

Jérzy Hagen

Elected Regional Administrator

Mark Amundsen

The 5th regional election to elect the Regional Administrator of Ostry and all fifteen seats in the Regional Assembly was held on 1 May 2011.

The election saw Progressive-Republican nominee Mark Amundsen win with the largest margin of victory in Ostric electoral history, with 56.5% of the popular vote. A clear defeat to incumbent Jérzy Hagen and his separatist Freedom Party, the vote saw the return of the unionists into government, ending the crisis on independence that defined most of Hagen's administration. The election also saw further defeat for the Ostric People's Party, who collapsed to 20% of the popular vote and three seats, its worst result since its founding.

Electoral system

The Regional Administrator is elected by plurality voting, while the fifteen member of the Regional Assembly are elected via single transferable vote in three constituencies, each returning five members. The regional election is, according to the Gardrag Agreement, held on the first Sunday of May every four years.


Since the 2008-2009 crisis on holding a referendum on independence and numerous public fights with both the opposition and federal government, Regional Administrator Jérzy Hagen faced record low approval ratings for most of his term, and his re-election was considered impossible. In the opposition, former Speaker of the Regional Assembly Mark Amundsen, who led the Progressives since 2008, was able to reform the party into a regionalist grouping, gaining the support of so-called "soft separatists", mainly from the Ostric People's Party. Amundsen was also successful in sidelining the Progressives' conservative Republican coalition partner, with the joint unionist ticket only seeing three of its members on the alliance's list for the Regional Assembly.


Regional Administrator

Candidate Party Votes %
Mark Amundsen Progressive League – Republican Party 4,936 56.52
Jérzy Hagen Freedom Party 2,001 22.91
Władisłôw Broż Ostric People's Party 1,796 20.57
Total 8,733 100
Registered voters/turnout 16,223 53.83

Regional Assembly

Party Votes % Seats +/–
Progressive League – Republican Party B 4,654 53.30 10 +3
Freedom Party O 2,154 24.67 3 -2
Ostric People's Party A 1,925 22.04 2 -1
Total 8,733 100 15 0
Registered voters/turnout 16,223 53.83