Ostric regional election, 2019

Ostric regional election, 2019

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Nominee Wacłôw Adómczik Adóm Lës Arthur Adamsen
Party Coalition People's New Ostry
Alliance People's PartyReform
Popular vote 2,160 2,128 1,112
Percentage 33.3% 32.8% 17.2%

  Małgorzata Niemczyk Sejm 2017.jpg Krzysztof Jurgiel 2015 02.JPG
Nominee Mette Falk Jérzy Hagen
Party Progressive Independent
Alliance Progressive League – Republican Party
Popular vote 718 367
Percentage 11.1% 5.7%

Regional Administrator before election

Mark Amundsen

Elected Regional Administrator

Wacłôw Adómczik

The 7th regional election to elect the Regional Administrator of Ostry and all fifteen seats in the Regional Assembly was held on 5 May 2019.

The election saw Ostric Coalition leader Wacłôw Adómczik elected Regional Administrator with 33% of the popular vote, beating Adóm Lës of the People's Party by only 32 votes and less then 1%, the tightest margin in Ostric electoral history. The election also saw the end of Progressive dominance of the island, collapsing to fourth place following allegations of bribery and corruption, including the arrest of Speaker Léch Rasmussen the previous March. Turnout collapsed to 40%, especially among unionist voters. In the Regional Assembly, separatists gained a wide majority of seats, with the People's Party signing a confidence and supply agreement with the Coalition over matters on Ostric independence from Navack, while the right-wing Coalition formed Ostry's first minority government.


The 2019 campaign began and centralized on the Nordas scandal, where Speaker and initial Progressive nominee Léch Rasmussen was arrested on charges of fraud and bribery, exposing a corruption scam heavily involving the governing Progressives. This, combined with an attack on Government House in October of 2018, saw support for the government decrease significantly, benefiting mainly the pro-independence and separatist opposition. On this side, both the left-wing People's Party and the right-wing Ostric Coalition, reformed from the former big tent Freedom Party after the election of Wacłôw Adómczik as leader a year earlier, battled for dominance, leading to a tight race during the final days of the campaign.

Electoral system

The Regional Administrator is elected by plurality voting, in which the candidate with the most votes is elected, regardless of if they reach a majority. The regional election is, according to the Gardrag Agreement, held on the first Sunday of May every four years.

The fifteen seats of the Regional Assembly are elected concurrently with the Regional Administrator by proportional representation. How many seats a party get is related to the results of the popular vote. Seats are allocated using the d'Hondt method.


Regional Administrator

Candidate Party Votes %
Wacłôw Adómczik Ostric Coalition 2,160 33.31
Adóm Lës Ostric People's PartyReform 2,128 32.81
Arthur Adamsen New Ostry Party 1,112 17.15
Mette Falk Progressive League – Republican Party 718 11.07
Jérzy Hagen Independent 367 5.66
Total 6,485 100
Registered voters/turnout 16,223 39.97

Regional Assembly

Party Votes % Seats +/–
Ostric Coalition O 2,187 33.73 6 +5
Ostric People's PartyReform A 2,036 31.40 5 0
New Ostry Party N 1,285 19.81 3 New
Progressive League – Republican Party B 977 15.06 1 -8
Total 6,485 100 15 0
Registered voters/turnout 16,223 39.97

Regional Assembly