The Allied States of Paslin

Motto: "For the people, of the people."
Official languagesEnglish, French, Hindi, Raferangla, Oriya, Teruvu, Fraank, Vyaar, Trehozo, Hoyerzu, Praazovo
GovernmentDemocratic Federal Republic
• President
Terrina Armina
• Head of Legislative Branch
Domini Wester
• Head Judge of the High Court
Raine Marquez
• Paslin declared an Independent Nation
• The Allied States of Paslin formed
• 2018 estimate
GDP (PPP)estimate
• Per capita
Currencyrecan (RCN)
Date formatmm.dd.yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+871
Internet TLD.pln

The Allied States of Paslin is a small island country located near the middle of two of Anteria's continents: Kasia and Atracia. The island was first colonized by Aziallis and Bendan, and became an important trade city between the continents. The small country became a nation when civil unrest in both Aziallis and Bendan distracted the central governments, allowing Paslin to break away when the respective governments were more concerned with other matters. In 1901 the governors of the different cities in Paslin came together in the city of Kaine to sign the Declaration of Independence and the establishment of the nation of Paslin.

However, a couple decades later, war would break out as social and economic inequality between the Aziallians and the Bendanians caused discrimination that soon spiraled out of control into a vast civil war which engulfed the island, with many sides forming and warring against one another. After the civil war ended, a peace deal was signed by all the different sides (now called states) which formed the Allied States of Paslin.