Patriarchate of Montecara

Patriarchate of Montecara

Patriarcàt de Montecara
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Coat of arms of the Patriarchate
Ildebrànd Colòn
StyleHis Holiness
Country Montecara
DenominationSolarian Catholic Church
Established3rd century AD
CathedralBasìlica di San Stefàn
Patron saintSaint Stephen

The Patriarchate of Montecara is the diocese of the Solarian Catholic Church in the city-state of Montecara. It serves a local population of approximately 1.3 million Catholics, about three-quarters of all residents of the state.


Pope Urbanus XI (né Attaviàn de Barbanario), Patriarch of Montecara 1770-1787 and Pope 1787-1799

The diocese was established in the early third century by the bishop Cuniculus at a time when Sotirian Catholicism was still largely an underground movement. It was raised to the status of an archdiocese the following century.

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