Premier of Lemovicia

Premier of Lemovicia
Bevanda Vjekoslav.jpg
Sergiusz Galecki

since 1 April, 2016
StyleHis Excellency
Member ofNational Assembly
ResidencePresidential Palace, Topagunea
Term lengthNo maximum terms (four-year terms)
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Lemovicia
Inaugural holderFabian Duch
Formation1 November, 1992
DeputyDeputy Premier of Lemovicia

The Premier of Lemovicia (Lemovician: Менділурарен гізларія, Mendilurraren hizlaria, Miersan: Kanclerz Łemowicz) is the head of government of Lemovicia.

Established in 1992 under the new Lemovician constitution following the end of the Lemovician Civil War, it was intended to take most of the powers hiherto held by the Lemovician president, as Lemovicia became a parliamentary republic.


Per the 1992 Lemovician constitution, the role of the Premier of Lemovicia is to serve as the head of government of the State of Lemovicia.

Thus, the Lemovician Premier presides over the Lemovician cabinet, and is a member of the Lemovician National Assembly, which allows him or her to be held accountable by the legislators in the National Assembly. As well, the Premier's role is to report to the Presidency. However, due to the Presidency's nature, the Premier has been criticised by some as being too autocratic.

Although the Premier can be appointed at any time by the Presidency, a constitutional convention emerged, which dictated that the Premier come from the party with a majority of seats in the National Assembly, and that the position alternate between the Lemovicians and the Miersans, although this convention was broken in 2016 with the election of Sergiusz Galecki to the position.


The official residence of the Lemovician Premier is the Presidential Palace in the capital city of Topagunea. Originally built to be the government offices of the provincial government of Lemovicia, following the Lemovician War of Independence, the 1979 constitution made it into the official residence of the President of Lemovicia.

Following the end of the Lemovician Civil War, and the adoption of the 1992 Lemovician constitution, the Presidential Palace became the personal residence of the Premier, although his own workplace is based in the National Assembly building, as the workspace within the Presidential Palace still belongs to the Presidency.

List of Premiers

President Term of office Political Party Elected Deputy
Portrait Name
Took Office Left Office Days
LemovFlag.png • Premier of the State of Lemovicia • LemovFlag.png
1 Haris Silajdžić.jpg Fabian Duch
1 November, 1992 1 April, 2004 4169 Liberal Democrats 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004 Hargin Saez
Otxote Sasiambarrena
2 Izetbegovic.jpg Otxote Sasiambarrena
1 April, 2004 1 April, 2008 1461 Liberal Democrats 2004 Igor Janusz
3 Martin Raguž.jpg Jan Swiech
1 April, 2008 1 April, 2016 2708 Socialists 2008, 2012 Eolo Larretche
4 Bevanda Vjekoslav.jpg Sergiusz Galecki
1 April, 2016 incumbent 1567 Liberal Democrats 2016, 2020 Helios Ayrupe

List of living former Premiers

Since the election of Sergiusz Galecki in 2016, there have been two surviving former Premiers.