Presidency of Slirnia

Presidency of Slirnia
Predsjedništvo Slirnije
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Flag of the Presidency
Hearing of Dubravka Šuica (Croatia) - Democracy and demography (48838221291) (cropped 3.4).jpg
Currently Presiding, Marija Žalac
Marija Žalac
Jovan Tasić
Milenko Novaković

since 20 November 2018
Seat551 Prešeren, Dražovice, Slirnia
AppointerDirect election
Term lengthSix years
renewable once every individual term

The Presidency of Slirnia (Slirnian: Predsjedništvo Slirnije) is the collective Head of State of the Republic of Slirnia. The Presidency is composed by three members that were previously elected through direct and universal suffrage for a term of six years. The three positions in the Presidency are given to their candidates following the elections; the three seats are divided between two for the party with the most votes and one for the second. The current Presidency is composed by the Sotirian Democratic Party, with Marko Bedeković and Tomislav Ivo Stier, and the Social Democratic Party with Marija Žalac. The Presidency is led ceremonially by one of the three members and this position rotates every two years.


Member Portrait Joined Party
Marija Žalac Hearing of Dubravka Šuica (Croatia) - Democracy and demography (48838221291) (cropped 3.4).jpg 15 October 2020 Social Democratic Party
Jovan Tasić 16 obljetnica vojnoredarstvene operacije Oluja Darko Milinovic 05082011 342.jpg 15 October 2020 Social Democratic Party
Milenko Novaković Informal meeting of ministers for foreign affairs (Gymnich). Arrivals Karl Viktor Erjavec (36956301561) (cropped).jpg 15 October 2020 Slirnian Democratic Centre