Prime Minister of Juznia

Prime Minister of Juznia
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Ieva Kleizaitė

since 2011
Formation27 October 1989

The Prime Minister of Juznia is the head of government of the Juznik Republic. The Prime Minister is appointed by the President but can be removed by the Taryba.


Powers and duties


No. Portrait Name Took office Left office Days Election Political Party
1 TBA, light grey letters on dark grey background.jpg Mykolas Požela
27th October 1989 12th September 1990 10 months and 16 days - Independent
Požela was the main negotiator on behalf of the Juznik Liberation Army for the Višnevas Accords and was chosen to sign the accords on behalf of the newly independent Juznia. His short term was characterised by continual military involvement in politics leading to instability. He resigned after 10 months in protest over the military's refusal to allow for democratic elections.
2 TBA, light grey letters on dark grey background.jpg Karolis Savickas
12th September 1990 28th May 1993 2 years, 8 months and 16 days - Military
Shortly into Savickas' term the First Grobina War began. This caused the economic woes of Juznia to increase rapidly with the economy shrinking in every financial quarter that he was in office. Juznia's defeat in the war made his position untenable and shortly after its end he resigned.
3 TBA, light grey letters on dark grey background.jpg Česlovas Žagunis
28th May 1993 15th November 1998 5 years, 5 months and 18 days - Independent
Žagunis was a well-respected professor of Economics at the University of Lillienburg. He was chosen by the military as they hoped that he would be able to return the economy to growth. Throughout his term there were sporadic periods of economic growth but the instability of the government due to continual military interference made investors weary. Žagunis resigned nine days before the outbreak of the Second Grobina War in protest.
4 TBA, light grey letters on dark grey background.jpg Ignas Daukantas
15th November 1998 16th August 2001 2 years, 9 months and 1 day - Military
The outbreak of the Second Grobina War nine days into Daukantas' term as Prime Minister caused considerable panic in Juznia that Hytekia would annex the country. By working with Erdaran allies he was able to ensure this did not occur. However, the loss of North Grobina to Hytekia hurt his popularity and his call for democratic elections caused the military to replace him.
5 Ante-Gotovina-05082015-roberta-f.jpg Ričardas Petrauskas
16th August 2001 23rd November 2004 3 years, 3 months and 7 days - Military
Anti-government protests began almost immediately following the appointment of Petrauskas as Prime Minister. Previously he had been a strong supporter of democratic elections and was seen as a hero of the War of Liberation but his agreement to serve under a military government harmed his popularity. Notable events such as the murder of five pro-democracy protesters and a rise in anti-Hytek hate crime stained his international reputation. He was forced to resign following the Democratic Revolution with a civilian non-military aligned government coming to power for the first time.
6 TBA, light grey letters on dark grey background.jpg Česlovas Žagunis
23rd November 2004 21st November 2005 11 months and 29 days - Independent
Žagunis was chosen to lead the interim government following the Democratic Revolution due to his trustworthy character and his prior experience. He oversaw the writing of the Constitution of Juznia which was approved in the constitutional referendum. He resigned following the approval of the constitution and the first parliamentary election.