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Type of site
Conspiracy theories
Fake news
Available inBasaquese
Various languages by contributor
Country of originLiberto-Ancapistan
Launched30 January 2019, alternatively styled, is a conspiracy theory and fake news website, publishing articles by various anonymous contributors. Created in 2019 by RH, it was originally published entirely in the Basaquese language, but has since expanded into several language versions, at least some of which are machine-translated.

According to a 2025 report, the site received 'hundreds of thousands' of monthly visits for much of that year, of which over half were from Liberto-Ancapistanian users. is known for promoting an eclectic collection of both local and global conspiracy theories, most prominently the Narushian Conspiracy, Marlos Circle, and Mudflood conspiracy theory.

The website first came to public attention in Liberto-Ancapistan in 2024, when excerpts from articles were ridiculed on the social media platform Tooter, resulting in significantly increased traffic. This attention has been criticised for bringing attention to the site's conspiracy theories and alleged Anti-Narushian racism.