Reedik Kaljurand

Reedik Kaljurand
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Kaljurand in 2018
Head of the Presidency
Assumed office
5 January 2022
Preceded byHepke Veltman
In office
5 January 2015 – 5 January 2016
Preceded byRiċard utNocct
Succeeded byAnn-Katrin Steinbauer
Member of the Federal Presidency
Assumed office
5 January 2015
Preceded byAsko Kabin
Secretary of Education
In office
12 June 2011 – 18 November 2011
Preceded byInse Tamminga
Succeeded byJaan Molenaar
Personal details
Reedik Vahor Kaljurand

(1962-04-13) 13 April 1962 (age 59)
Paiski, Alsland
Political partyKirenian People's Party

Reedik Vahor Kaljurand (born 13 April 1962) is an Alslandic politician serving as a member of the Federal Presidency since 2015 and as the Head of the Presidency from 2015 to 2016. He is a member of the Kirenian People's Party and served as Secretary of Education from 12 June 2011 until 18 November 2011 as part of a cabinet reshuffle. Kaljurand was previously a university professor before entering politics.



Kaljurand became Secretary of Education under Premier Jonathan Fraser. He was replaced by Jaan Molenaar of the Greens and Socialists alliance a few months later. Kaljurand served as the Progressive Alliance's chief press spokesperson. In 2013 Kaljurand was removed from his position by Fraser. The following year Kaljurand won the Progressive Alliance's Martiland primary for the upcoming Federal Presidency election. In 2014, Kaljurand was elected in the second round between himself and independent candidate Merle Kirsipuu; this was the first time a Federal Presidency election in Martiland since 1998.

Federal Presidency

Kaljurand with Vivien Vallette and Sylvaine Lambert in 2020

Kaljurand became the Head of the Presidency on 5 January 2015. His first foreign visit took place on 7 January to Harimisaareke. On 23 April 2015 Kaljurand and the rest of the Federal Presidency removed Aarnd Hellinga from his position as Premier following a major corruption scandal. Kaljurand inaugurated Hellinga's successor Lilliana Elliott on 25 April.

His tenure as Head of the Presidency became known for his response to the Antsla avalanche which killed 12 people on 12 December 2015. Shortly after the avalanche Kaljurand visited the site where he declared a state of mourning for 7 days, his visit was criticised by local authorities who said that Kaljurand's visit disrupted rescue efforts.

Ann-Katrin Steinbauer succeeded Kaljurand as Head of the Presidency on 5 January 2016. In 2017 Kaljurand and Wotte Poelstra led coalition negotiations that eventually resulted in the National Bloc forming a coalition with The Centre, FDU and National Rally. Kaljurand said following the creation of the coalition that the inclusion of the National Rally was needed to form a majority government, despite this he was criticised by the media for his actions.

In 2018 Kaljurand was re-elected in the first round of voting with 52% of the votes in Martiland.

On 5 January 2022 Kaljurand reassumed the Head of the Presidency. In his inauguration speech he announced the creation of a committee to discuss Martish becoming an official language in Alsland. Shortly after this he visited Burnshire before the upcoming referendum on seceding from Fawkhamshire and becoming a separate province.

Personal life

Kaljurand was born in Paiski in 1962. Both of Kaljurand's parents were active within the Martish trade union movement, his father was an early member of the Kirenian People's Party and argued for the party to adopt a secessionist platform to re-join Kirenia. Following the December Crisis in 1977 Kaljurand's father was arrested and charged after attending a violent riot in Rahu. In 1978 Kaljurand joined the KPP's youth wing Young Kirenians and was elected as the group's President in 1984. In 2000 Kaljurand became a Professor at the University of Rahu. Kaljurand married Senator Karoliina Peebo in 2018.