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Government Health Agency
Minsteria i Pravitel Halsa (Luziycan)
Regeringen hälso-byrå (Swedish)
Agenzia sanitaria governativa (Lombardian)
Health insurance program overview
Jurisdiction Luziyca
Minister responsible
Health insurance program executive
  • Dimo Adjaniev, Director-General
Parent departmentDepartment of State
Parent Health insurance programHealthcare Section

The Government Health Agency, or Reghalsa (from Swedish) is a government office under the control of Department of State. Prior to its abolition in 2000, Reghalsa under administration of the Department of Health.

Created as a state insurance to compete with private insurers and provide cheap insurance to the poor in 1921, with no restriction, but in 1937, Joshua Herod (upon the advice of ex-President Stanley Azubah) imposed the first requirements to prevent Reghalsa from "being a platform for communist healthcare" and only let the poorest of the poor use it. In 1973, restrictions tightened, but in 1988, it faced a challenge from West Geadland who sought to create a rival to Reghalsa with universal healthcare, and was refused in 1990.

Today, Reghalsa, while providing funds to assist low income individuals, is the most underfunded part of government, and over the years, there have been plans to abolish Reghalsa altogether.


Since new requirements were installed in 2005, a candidate must first submit a form to the Department of State declaring all of his possessions, monetary situation, pre-existing conditions, and must also provide his ID (drivers license, learners license, birth certificate, and SIN number). After this, the Department of State reviews the application, then the applicant must file a form describing the symptoms of his condition and give his PIN number to all credit card and debit accounts, and then it is sent again. If they are poor, then the Department of State informs Reghalsa and they make a decision on whether to accept the applicant or not.

If they get accepted, they must provide a monthly report on their income and assets. If they rise above the limits, they cease being eligible for Reghalsa for the remainder of their lives, so if they fall below the limit, they are ineligible to join Reghalsa. If rejected, they cannot reapply at all.

If a person needs monetary assistance for any health reason, they must file an application to Reghalsa to request monetary assistance, and describing their situation. Application times range from 5 weeks for emergency treatment to nine months for non-emergency procedures. Reghalsa then processes the application and determine how much of the expenses will be paid by Reghalsa, from 1% for very basic medication to 30% for very expensive life-saving operations.

Eligibility requirements

To qualify for Reghalsa, a person must fulfill all of these requirements (instituted in 2005).

  • The applicant must be a Luziycan citizen born on Luziycan soil (or any of the Associated Free States)
  • The applicant must have completed primary and secondary education
  • The applicant must have Д50 ($100) or less in their savings account
  • The applicant cannot have a retirement savings account if they are under 40
  • The applicant must not have more than Д25 ($50) in their retirement savings account if they are 40-50, Д100 ($200) if they are 50-60, Д250 ($500) if they are 60-67, or more than Д1,000 above the age of 67
  • The monthly average of applicant's checking account cannot exceed Д2,500 ($5,000)
  • The applicant is proscribed from owning any land or real estate except their home
  • The value of the aforementioned home cannot exceed Д25,000 ($50,000)
  • The applicant or his intermediate family (grandparents, parents, siblings, children and grandchildren) cannot have any history of drug abuse
  • The applicant can only have one child or none at all
  • The applicant can only apply for Reghalsa once: if their requirement exceeds Reghalsa requirements, they are forbidden from using it again, and if rejected, they cannot use their services.