Regional Administrator of Ostry

Regional Administrator of the National Territory of Ostry
Sprôwnik Regionalné Teritorium Nôródowegò Òstrsczi (Ostric)
Regionaladministrator av Ostrøys Nasjonalterritorium (Navish)
Bartosz Kownacki Sejm RP 010.JPG
Wacłôw Adómczik

since 19 May 2019
Office of the Regional Administrator
Reports toPresident of Navack
Residence12 sztrasa Antónka, Jakóbgard
Term lengthFour years
Renewable once
Constituting instrumentGardrag Agreement
Formation20 November 1994
First holderTeodor Dahl
Salaryʂ150,000 annual

The Regional Administrator of Ostry (Ostric: Sprôwnik Regionalné Teritorium Nôródowegò Òstrsczi; Navish: Regionaladministrator av Ostrøys Nasjonalterritorium) is the head of government of Ostry, a national territory of the United Republic of Navack. The current incumbent is Wacłôw Adómczik, since 2019.

The Regional Administrator is elected to a four-year term by popular vote, and is able to be re-elected once. During their term in office, they reside at 12 sztrasa Antónka in Jakóbgard, a short walk from Government House, seat of the Regional Assembly.

Powers and duties

As head of government, the Regional Administrator is the head of the executive branch and highest authority in the regional government of Ostry. They have the ability to form a governing cabinet with approval by the Regional Assembly, and sign any legislation passed by the legislative chamber into law. This also includes the right to veto such legislation. The position also allows the Regional Administrator to sign and propose their own legislation, referred to as an Administrative Order, at times bypassing the Regional Assembly. The Regional Administrator reports to and maintains a close relationship with the President of Navack, acting as the official representative of the national territory in matters of federal importance.

List of Regional Administrators

Portrait Name
Entered office Left office Political party Notes
Previous office
Olaf Zdùnowski
Acting Regional Administrator
20 November 1994 21 May 1995 Independent Appointed acting Regional Administrator until the 1995 regional election.
Andrzej Golas.jpg Teodor Dahl
21 May 1995 2 May 1999 Progressive League Elected 1995. First Regional Administrator elected by popular vote.
2 May 1999 18 May 2003 Re-elected 1999.
Katowice - Piotr Uszok.JPG Łukôsz Kòziol
18 May 2003 20 May 2007 Progressive League Member of the Regional Assembly (1995-2003). Elected 2003.
Krzysztof Jurgiel 2015 02.JPG Jérzy Hagen
20 May 2007 15 May 2011 Freedom Party Elected 2007. First separatist Regional Administrator.
Wojciech Szczurek.jpg Mark Amundsen
15 May 2011 3 May 2015 Progressive League Speaker (2003-2007) and Member (1995-2011) of the Regional Assembly. Elected 2011.
3 May 2015 19 May 2019 Re-elected 2015.
Bartosz Kownacki Sejm RP 010.JPG Wacłôw Adómczik
19 May 2019 Incumbent Ostric Coalition Elected 2019.