Regional Assembly of Ostry

Regional Assembly of the National Territory of Ostry

Dorada Regionalné Teritorium Nôródowegò Òstrsczi (Ostric)
Regionalforsamling av Ostrøys Nasjonalterritorium (Navish)
7th term
Founded20 November 1994
Patrik Beck, O
since 17 March 2019
Political groups
Government (6)

Confidence and supply (4)

Opposition (5)

Single transferable vote in three constituencies
Last election
5 May 2019
Next election
7 May 2023
Meeting place
Government House, Jakóbgard

The Regional Assembly of Ostry (Ostric: Dorada Regionalné Teritorium Nôródowegò Òstrsczi; Navish: Regionalforsamling av Ostrøys Nasjonalterritorium), commonly referred to as the Dorada, is the unicameral parliament of Ostry, a national territory of Navack.

Created in 1994 as part of the Gardrag Agreement, the Regional Assembly is elected every four years alongside the Regional Administrator. Fifteen Members of the Regional Assembly (Ostric: Bëtnik Dorada Regionalnégo; Navish: Medlem av den Regionalforsamlingen, abbreviated to MRA) are elected by open list proportional representation by the electorate.


The formation of a local parliament for Ostry was a key point of the Gardrag Agreement, ending the conflict between Navack and Ostric nationalists, primarily the paramilitary Ostric Freedom Army. The signing of the Agreement on 20 November 1994 officially created the Regional Assembly as the legislative branch of the government, with the first election held 7 May 1995. The unionist Progressive formed an absolute majority in the chamber, holding on to their mandate in 1999, despite gains from the separatist Ostric People's Party. The 2003 election was the first to see the Progressive-Republican coalition nominate the same candidate for Regional Administrator and running on a joint list together in regional elections. In 2007, the separatists were able to form a coalition deal and form the first non-unionist government in the Regional Assembly. This led to the independence crisis of 2008 to 2009, where the opposition boycotted sessions of the Regional Assembly for a few short months. The following 2011 election saw a staggering surge for the Progressives and Republicans, who captured a ten-seat majority and returned to government.


The Regional Assembly is in charge of domestic matters of Ostry, mainly in regards to maintaining the territory's budget, infrastructure, and social policies. The Regional Assembly does not have control over foreign affairs, as that is under the jurisdiction of the Congress of Navack. Ostry is granted the right to manage its own internal affairs and issues, of which fishing rights and regulations are oftentimes seen as the most hotly debated outside of the issue of independence. The Regional Assembly has come into conflict with both Sturhlund and the federal government over Ostric fishing rights and maritime boundaries.

The Regional Assembly is officially headed and represented by the Speaker, elected during the first session of a new legislative term. The Speaker moderates debate in the chamber, and works closely with the Regional Administrator, the head of government for the territory, and their cabinet.

List of Speakers of the Regional Assembly

Name Entered office Left office Party
Tim Lange 21 May 1995 18 May 2003 Progressive League
Mark Amundsen 18 May 2003 20 May 2007 Progressive League
Pioter Holt 20 May 2007 26 January 2010 Ostric People's Party
Jakób Dahl-Nowak 26 January 2010 15 May 2011 Freedom Party
Léch Rasmussen 15 May 2011 17 March 2019 Progressive League
Mati Erikoczik 17 March 2019 19 May 2019 Progressive League
Patrik Beck 19 May 2019 Incumbent Ostric Coalition

Composition of the Regional Assembly since 1995

5 10
7 8
6 8 1
3 5 7
2 3 8 2
5 1 8 1
4 1 6 1 3