Royal Scottopian Air Force

Template:Infobox Military Unit The Air Force of the Commonwealth includes aviation forces of both combat and service crews organized, trained, and equipped primarily for offensive and defensive air operations. They are responsible not just for air supremacy over the Scottopian Isles, but along with the Navy, for the expansion of the peacetime components to meet the needs of war.


1st Air Defense Wing

-1st Squadron, 2nd Squadron, 3rd Squadron

2nd Air Mobility Wing

-4th Squadron, 5th Squadron, 6th Squadron

3rd Air Mobility Wing

-7th Squadron, 8th Squadron, 9th Squadron

5th Air Reconisance Wing

-10th Squadron, 11th Squadron, 12 Squadron

-7th Air Reconisance Wing

-13th Squadron, 14th Squadron, 15th Squadron

9th Air Supremacy Wing

-16th Squadron, 17th Squadron, 18th Squadron

10th Air Transport Wing

-19th Squadron, 20th Squadron, 21st Squadron

11th Air Transport Wing

-22nd Squadron, 23rd Squadron, 24th Squadron

15th Bomb Wing

-25th Squadron, 26th Squadron, 27th Squadron

16th Bomb Wing

-28th Squadron, 29th Squadron, 30th Squadron

17th Air Assualt Wing

-31st Squadron, 32nd Squadron, 33rd Squadron

21st Combat Search & Rescue Wing

-34th Squadron, 35th Squadron, 36th Squadron

25th Support/Refueling Wing

-37th Squadron, 38th Squadron, 39th Squadron

29th Space Exploartion Wing

-40th Squadron, 41st Squadron, 42nd Squadron

32nd Executive Wing

-43rd Squadron, 44th Squadron, 45th Squadron


Anderson Air Force Base - Eastern Air Sector

Location: Loch Tracy, Sacramento, San Joaquin Isles

Home of the:

-5th Air Reconnaissance Wing

-15th Bomb Wing

-25th Support/Refueling Wing

Deseret Air Force Base - Western Air Sector

Location: Davanzas, Kimball, Wasatch Isles

Home of the:

-7th Air Reconnaissance Wing

-16th Bomb Wing

-21st Combat Search & Rescue Wing

Fort Matilda Air Force Base - Southern Air Sector

Location: Fort Matilda, Esplanade, Auchendowrs Isles

Home of the:

-3rd Air Mobility Wing

-11th Air Transport Wing

-17th Air Assault Wing

Odyssey Air Force Base - Northern Air Sector

Location: Anaheim, Aduna, Huntington Isles

Home of the:

-2nd Air Mobility Wing

-10th Air Transport Wing

-29th Space Exploration Wing

Snyderville Air Force Base - Central Air Sector

Location: Snyderville, Van Bronkhorst, Midlothian

Home of the:

-1st Air Defense Wing

-9th Air Supremacy Wing

-32nd Executive Wing

Current Inventory

Aircraft Photo Origin Role Number
Fixed-wing aircraft
SAF-11 Cyclone SAF11Cyclone.jpg  Scottopian Isles Strike aircraft 350
SAF-17 Hurricane SAF17Hurricane.jpg  Scottopian Isles Multirole fighter 350
SAF-TL6 Hoku SAFHoku.jpg  Scottopian Isles Strategic/tactical airlift 65
SAF-25 Typhoon SAF25.jpg  Scottopian Isles Air superiority fighter 120
AMOr-5 Vesuvius Vesuvius.png  Scottopian Isles/ Blackhelm Confederacy Cargo helicopter 40
StOr-1 Stor1Bat.jpg  Blackhelm Confederacy/23x15px ViZion Strategic bomber and missile carrier 56