Ruoku Huru

Ruoku Huru

Khoom Noj Huru
Flag of Huru
Coat of arms of Ruoku Huru
Coat of Arms
Motto: The future is here
The future is here
Anthem: Sweet Fatherland accept the vows

With which Ruoku Huru swore at your altars.

Serve and bow down to your country.

I'm like the roaring flood; trampling and overflowing my dyke (weir),

I'll tear apart the mountains, fill up the open seas and still gush out!

The cry of the Fatherland sounds from the battlefields.

Listen to it and heed the call!

Lift up your head to the rising sun, Ruoku Huru,

Til the road you've trod lead unto your God,

A mighty will, great glory –

These are your heritage for all time!

Against the humiliating bondage of a thousand years

Rapacity came from afar to subjugate them for a hundred years.

From our heroes we shall make an army come to being,

And on our dead we build glory,

Our spirits shall ascend to immortality

And on our shoulders we shall raise the standard.

Everyone vowed to break the link

That Nature denied to both worlds,

And break the sceptre that Spain

Had reclined, proudly, on both.
Sillouhette of the nation. always drifting away
Status              In Anteria, Happy
LocationCurrently in Anteria but drifts in the water.
Largest cityHarmon City
Official languagesEnglish, Hmong, French.
Recognised national languagesSpanish, Portuguese, Mandarin
Recognised regional languagesN/A
Ethnic groups
None in particular
GovernmentFree Land
• Leader
Tony Abbot
• Assistant Leader
Amber Baloushek
• War with UK.
• End of war, our representatives given our territory
• 2020 estimate
53 million
• 2019 census
Currencymetalface (4261)
Time zoneUTC+2:31 (PST)
• Summer (DST)
UTC+4 (6/26-7/12)
Driving sideright
Calling code+963