Scarlet Bull

The original document

The Scarlet Bull (Montecaran: Bùla scarlàta) is a constitutional document in Montecara issued by the city's burghers in 515. It was created in reaction to the dictatorship of Piero de' Malatesta which had been quashed by his assassination, and sought to assert the republican nature of the city-state as a defense against any future usurpers. The original is held in the Palaço Pùblico.

The name comes from the fact that the document had a metal seal (Solarian: bulla) attached, and was "scarlet" from the spilled blood of the regicide.

Text of the document

We ourselves, the burghers of the city called Montecara, who have lately bound ourselves together to restore our ancient liberties when they were seized from us, do gather to set this testament among us for all time, that the rights of our progeny and our city may be preserved.

We solemnly declare that Montecara is, and has always been, governed in the manner of a republic: namely, that her citizens are her sovereign; that her nature as a republic is eternal; and that no man may alter her nature, which has been set as a covenant between her and her people.

We further declare that it is the duty of ourselves and of all the other citizens of the city to do justice to ourselves, to govern ourselves, to defend ourselves, and to honor our sacred customs.

We require that all our burghers, officers, ambassadors, captains, judges, bishops, senators, and doges forevermore shall be of our city, and that they shall well and truly serve our republic.

All of this we take as an oath among ourselves and among our progeny, and we moreover swear that we shall with our lives defend Montecara and preserve her honor. Whoever shall break this solemn oath shall be our enemy and our fellows' enemy and shall be driven from our midst forevermore.

Given by us under patent seal, and in the presence of witnesses, in the great church of our city in the year of our Lord five hundred fifteen. Amen.

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