Secretary of State (Zamastan)

Secretary of State
Official portrait of James Cleverly crop 2.jpg
Jessiah Vallotis

since September 22, 2020
AppointerPresident of Zamastan
Term lengthAt the President's Pleasure
No fixed term

The Secretary of State of Zamastan is a senior official of the federal government of the Imperial Republic of Zamastan, and as head of the Zamastan Department of State, is principally concerned with foreign policy and is considered to be the Zamastanian government's equivalent of a Minister for Foreign Affairs. The Secretary of State is nominated by the President of Zamastan. The current Secretary of State is Jessiah Vallotis, who was appointed by President Atticus Moreau and who succeeded the previous secretary, Avi Tremblan.

List of Secretaries

Secretary of State

No. Portrait Name
(Years in office)
Term of office
52 Albrei Mortimer official photo (cropped).jpg Albrei Mortimer
22 September
16 January
53 Avi Tremblan official photo (cropped).jpg Avi Tremblan
16 January
22 September
54 Official portrait of James Cleverly crop 2.jpg Jessiah Vallotis
22 September

Duties and Responsibilities

The stated duties of the Secretary of State are as follows:

  • "Supervises the Zamastan Foreign Service" and "administers the Department of State"
  • Advises the President on matters relating to Zamastanian foreign policy including the appointment of diplomatic representatives to other nations and on the acceptance, recall, or dismissal of representatives from other nations
  • "Negotiates, interprets, or terminates treaties and agreements" and "conducts negotiations relating to Zamastan foreign affairs"
  • "Personally participates in or directs Zamastan representatives to international conferences, organizations, and agencies"
  • Provides information and services to Zamastan citizens living or traveling abroad such as providing credentials in the form of passports
  • Ensure the protection of the Zamastan government to Zamastanian citizens, property, and interests in foreign countries
  • "Supervises the administration of the Zamastan immigration policy abroad"
  • Communicates issues relating the Zamastan foreign policy to Congress and to Zamastanian citizens
  • "Promotes beneficial economic intercourse between Zamastan and other countries"