Sergiusz Galecki

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His Excellency

Sergiusz Galecki
Серґюш Ґалецкі
Bevanda Vjekoslav.jpg
Sergiusz Galecki, 2016
4th Premier of Lemovicia
Assumed office
23 April, 2016
PresidentDamian Rogal
Ivon Mendarte
Filip Godlewski
Andremantzia Sorondo
Postumo Boloquy
DeputyHelios Ayrupe
Preceded byJan Swiech
Personal details
Sergiusz Galecki

(1956-05-13) 13 May 1956 (age 64)
Iyarduja, Narozalica (present-day Illarduya, Lemovicia)
NationalityNarozalican (until 1979)
Lemovician (since 1979)
Political partyLiberal Democrats (2000-)
Other political
Northern Alliance (1992-2000)
Spouse(s)Lohizune Galecka (1979-1982)
Erzsébet Galecka (1992-2005)
Świętosława Galecka (2008-)
Alma materUniversity of Sechia
Military service
AllegianceMiersan Republic of Malomiersa
Years of service1980-1992

Sergiusz Galecki (Lemovician: Серґюш Ґалецкі, Sergjux Galetzki, b. 13 May, 1956) is a Miersan-Lemovician politician who is serving as the current Premier of Lemovicia since 2016, when his party defeated the governing Socialist coalition led by Jan Swiech.

Early life

Sergiusz Galecki was born in Iyarduja, Narozalica (in present-day Illarduya, Ibaiak, Lemovicia) on 13 May, 1956, to Narcyz Galecki, a coal miner, and Krystyn Galecka, a housewife, as the second of three children, and the youngest son. He grew up in Ilarduja, and attended school there, before heading to the University of Sechia, where he married his childhood friend, Lohizune Amatriain.

His studies were disrupted with the Lemovician War of Independence in 1979, followed by the Lemovician Civil War which broke out the following year, shortly before he was supposed to get his specialist degree. Thus, he enlisted to fight with the Miersan separatists, which resulted in his family in Illarduya being arrested by the regime for treason, and confined to concentration camps in southern Ibaiak. During his military career, he was a mediocre soldier, although by the war's end, he became a chorąży.

Following the end of the war, he was reunited with his surviving family, and settled in the city of Loiola. That year, he married Savader Erzsébet Molnár.

Political career

Early career

In 1992, shortly after the end of the Lemovician Civil War, Sergiusz Galecki entered politics, running for a seat in the legislature of the Miersan Entity as part of the Northern Alliance list. He won the seat, and served as one of the representatives from Zbieg Province in the entity legislature.

During his tenure in the legislature of the Miersan Entity, he was seen as a capable legislator, helping draft legislation relating to education, promoting Miersan culture, and establishing the Miersan Entity Police. This led to his re-election on the Northern Alliance list in 1996.

However, during this time, he began to fall out with the leadership of the Northern Alliance, and in 2000, he resigned from the party and crossed the floor to join the Liberal Democrats before the 2000 elections. He lost his own seat, as the Liberal Democrats did not gain enough votes to allow him to maintain his position.

National politics

Sergiusz Galecki, 2013

Despite this setback, Sergiusz Galecki continued his work for the Liberal Democrats, while planning on making a run for the National Assembly.

In 2004, he was elected to the National Assembly on the Liberal Democrat list, thereby becoming a member of the National Assembly. During this period, as a rookie legislator, he did not play a major role in shaping the government agenda. However, with the 2005 financial crisis hitting Lemovicia, and the Liberal Democrats' perceived incompetence, this led to the loss of his seat in 2008 to his socialist challenger. That year, he married his second wife, Świętosława Pelka.

Nonetheless, he continued rising through the ranks of the Liberal Democratic Party, and in a by-election in 2010, he returned to the National Assembly. During this point in time, his profile grew, and by 2012, he was comfortably re-elected for his seat in Loiola. After the resignation of Hargin Saez as parliamentary leader, Sergiusz ran for the parliamentary leadership of the Liberal Democrats, and won the party leadership.

As opposition leader, Sergiusz Galecki attacked the Socialists, accusing Jan Swiech of "spending money we do not have" on creating a nanny state, and arguing that the economy recovered in spite of Galecki's alleged Swetanian-style economic policies, not because of them. This, combined with the growing unpopularity of Jan Swiech's administration helped Galecki and the Liberal Democrats move in the polls.

By 2015, as the election neared, Galecki began preparing for his campaign: in order to help secure votes among the Miersan community, he sought to take advantage of their opposition to Lemovicia's proposed membership in the Euclean Community by promising that if elected, the Liberal Democrats would abandon membership talks.

In the 2016 election campaign, Galecki campaigned on increasing efficiency and accountability of the Lemovician government, on ending the "tax and spend" policies of the Socialists, and on ending membership talks. This strategy helped boost his party's standing in the polls, allowing him to secure a victory in March 2016.

Over the course of the month, he negotiated and formed a coalition with the Northern Alliance.


On 1 April, 2016, Sergiusz Galecki was inaugurated as the fourth Premier of Lemovicia, succeeding Jan Swiech. On that day, he named Helios Ayrupe as his Deputy Premier, and named a cabinet.

Galecki's first priority was to end the "tax and spend" policies of the previous government, and to reduce the welfare state built under Swiech's government, on the grounds that it was consuming money "needed to help develop Lemovicia" to the standards of eastern Euclea. Thus, a budget was passed which reduced taxes and spending by May 2016.

In June of that year, Galecki declared that membership talks with the Euclean Community would be halted, saying that "the hesitation of the Euclean Community to add any more members means that it is very unlikely that we will ever become members," and instead sought to start talks to join Samorspi. This was greeted positively by Miersans, but was opposed by ethnic Lemovicians, who wanted Lemovicia to join the EC.

In August 2016, he began to propose policies which would make the Lemovician government more accountable to the general public, by requiring all politicians' salaries be made public, and to expand freedom of information legislation to ensure that the general public had access to all government decisions. These laws were passed, which helped increase support for Galecki's government among the general Lemovician population.

Throughout the next four years, as negotiations with Samorspi continued on, Galecki continued focusing his government's actions on making Lemovicia more efficient, such as merging the Lemovician National Railways and the North Lemovician Railway Service into Lemovia in 2017, as well as more accountable, by instituting further policies to encourage greater government transparency.

Thus, in March 2020, the Liberal Democrats and the Northern Alliance coalition were re-elected, allowing Galecki to serve a second term as Premier. In May 2020, talks between Lemovicia and Samorspi concluded favourably, with Lemovicia set to joining Samorspi on 1 June, 2020.

Personal life


Sergiusz Galecki married in 1978 to Lohizune Galecka, who was of Lemovician origin. They had two children from the marriage: Uhaitz Galecki, who was born in 1979, and Wanessa Ogrodowska, who was born in 1981. They had a fulfilling marriage, and the marriage lasted until she and Uhaitz were killed in the crossfire in the second battle of Sechia on 27 February, 1982.

In 1992, Sergiusz Galecki married his second wife, Erzsébet Galecka, who was of Savader origin. They had two sons: Mariusz Galecki, born in 1993, and Tomisław Galecki, born in 1998, as well as a daughter, Natalia Galecka, born in 2002. Their marriage was happy, and lasted until Erzsébet Galecki died of ovarian cancer in 2005.

In 2008, he married to his third wife, Świętosława Galecka, who was of Miersan origin. From their second marriage, they have two daughters, Wioleta Galecka, born in 2009, and Małgorzata Galecka, born in 2013, as well as two sons: Lesław Galecki, born in 2011, and Tytus Galecki, born in 2015.


Sergiusz Galecki speaks Miersan as his native language, but is "natively fluent" in Lemovician, is "functionally fluent" in Narodyn, and can comfortably carry a conversation in Gaullican.

Political views

Sergiusz Galecki is an economic neoliberal, believing that the private sector would be better able to develop Lemovicia as a whole, and ensure that it catches up to its eastern counterparts.

He is a social conservative, believing that "traditional family values need to upheld in order to prevent a second civil war from breaking out." Thus, he is opposed to abortion, only supporting it if the child was conceived of rape, and is opposed to LGBT rights.

Galecki is supportive of reforming the Lemovician administrative divisions, saying that the current system "was only designed to stop the civil war," and that in order to "truly heal the scars," would want to abolish the constituent entities, and transfer its powers to the provinces.


He is a devout Episemialist, having been baptised in the faith. In a 2017 interview, he said that "Lemovicians and Miersans share a common belief in God, in accordance with the correct principles of the faith," and said that "Lemovicia would be better if we can focus on our common faith."

He attends services on a regular basis.