Hilmanic Republic of Similia

Bugeranreplja Hilmanis Simhilja
Flag of Similia
CurrencySimilian Lerta (Ł)
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+65

Similia (/ˌsɪˈmɪliə/; Similian: Simhilja), also known as Hilmania (/hɪlˈmeɪ̯niə/, ~/ˈmɑːniə/; Similian: Hilmanlja), officially the Hilmanic Republic of Similia (Similian: Bugeranreplja Hilmanis Simhilja), is a country located to the west of Tayar in Daria. Capital and largest city of Similia is Tahirum, followed by Bugor, Lïmïrum, Vorod and Mïrokend.



The term “Similia” was ultimately borrowed from the Similian term Simhilja with the same meaning. It has been recorded as early as the third century BC as símĭ hil(i) lĭha, which can be translated as “country of our common valley(s)”. Initially, it referred to a region called the Simhil, from the same root, which is a mountainous area that is thought to be the homeland of the Hilmanic people. During the Middle Ages, usage of Simhilia changed to refer to the state of the Hilmanic people. Since the 17th or 18th centuries, the word is spelled as Simhilja.


Hilmania is derrived from Early Old Similian híl má-na ʔen, meaning “valley of [our] people” and initially was seen as synonymous with símĭ hili lĭha. By Classical Similian, Hĭlmánaʔĕnlĭa and later either Hĭlmánăʔlĭa or Hălmánăʔlĭa referred to a specific area under the control of Similian-speaking Hilmanics. The Neoclassical Similian forms of that word, Hĭlmanăʔlĭa and Hălmanăʔlĭa, respectively, have become widely used in Hilmanic nationalism, giving birth to a separate meaning.

Up until the late 19th century, there were several different variations of “Hilmania”, which included “Halmania”, “Hilania”, “Halania” and their variations without the initial ⟨H⟩. Eventually, however, the term fell out of use in favour of Similia. By the time the Republic of Similia was founded, Hilmania has been seen as dated or obsolete so that it was not even suggested as a name for the new country.

Naming Dispute

In 2010, Hilmanic nationalist groups petitioned for a change of the country’s name from “Similia” to “Hilmania”, claiming it would better reflect the country as homeland of the main ethnic group, the Hilmanics, better than the less ethnically charged name. Due to international outcry, this has lead to a situation wherein the official nation name in Similia is Hilmania while it officially is Similia internationally.