Social Democratic Party (Gaullica)

Parti Social-Démocrate
LeaderJean Vallette President of Gaullica
First-SecretaryAnnabelle Cambadelis
FounderMarie Constant-Seas
Founded17 May 1938
Rue de Densecartois
NewspaperNouveaux Commencements
Student wingLes Socialistes Scolaires
Youth wingMouvement des Jeunes Socialistes
Membership (2015)Increase 2,130,000
IdeologySocial democracy
Democratic socialism
Political positionCentre-left to Left-wing
International affiliationInternational Socialist Forum
Euclean affiliationSocialist Alternative for Euclea
Colours     Purple
Première Chambre
236 / 631
Deuxième Chambre
44 / 69
Euclean Parliament
51 / 193

The Social Democratic Party (Gaullican: Parti Social-Démocrate, PSD), often called SDs, Socialists or the Socialist Party, is a centre-left to left-wing political party in Gaullica. It is the largest party in the country in both membership and seats. It is the current ruling party, having formed a government with 'Les Vertes' in the snap-senate election of August, 2019.

Founded in the years following the end of the Great War as a united front against right-wing resurgence by the members of the formerly expelled Communist Party of Gaullica, the Social Democratic Party participated in their first legislative election in 1940 under the leadership of Marie Constant-Seas. Whilst originally viewed as little more than a post-war union that would soon fragment to internal differences, the Social Democratic Party would go on to become the most prominent of political parties in Gaullica.

First entering government in 1944, they would serve in a coalition government alongside the Catholic Labour Union until 1952 and again from 56 - 60. When President Lazzonceir was assassinated on the 4th of March, 1964, the SDP expelled its 'extremist wing' in conjunction with the accusation left-wing activists had killed him. Surviving this splintering that joined the SGIO the SDP would go on to secure the presidency under Grégoire Landry in 1966 following a 'successful rebranding' that changed the perception of the party in the public eye, including changing colours from red to purple. The SDP became the first party in the republic's 30 year history to take the presidency from the CLU, which had been accused of running the nation as a one party state. They would take the presidency again and form a coalition as the major party in the elections of 1984 under the leadership of Raspperd D'Issonaire.

In 1992, the SDP left the legislature until they were elected in a landslide election in 2006, becoming the first and currently only party in Gaullican history to achieve an outright majority in the Premier Chamber. Many attributed this to the financial crisis of 2005. Two years later, Jean Vallette was elected president and has served in the role since.

The party is the largest in the Première Chambre and had led a coalition government with the Catholic Labour Union since their election in 2010 to 2018, when the Gaullican Conservatives formed a minority government alongside the Monarchist Party and the National Front. Prior to this, they had been a majority government since 2006. As of August of 2019, the SDP has been in a coalition with 'Les Verts' as the major partner. The party houses a wide variety of opinions on leftism and leftist ideals, often resulting in the party being referred to as a big tent.

The SDP is a member of the Socialist Alternative for Euclea. A left-wing party, the SDP is however viewed as more socially conservative than the other parties within the SAE.