Soravian Army

Soravian Army
Нарозалічна армія
Soravianhna armiya
VVO Russia medium emblem.svg
Emblem of the Soravian Army
Active1983–present (modern form)
Country Soravia
Size298,000 active duty
(incl. marine forces)
Part ofSoravian Armed Forces
Headquarters1–3 Lypen Prospekt, Samistopol
PatronSaint Nikolai of Lipa
Saint Hippodalia of Marolevia
Motto(s)"Захищати з честю"
("Defend with honour")
AnniversariesMarch 16
EngagementsSostava War
Haillet's Crisis
Commander-in-ChiefValentina Goga
Chief General of the ArmyMar. Maksym Baran
Chief of StaffMar. Avhust Gurka

The Soravian Army (Soravian: Нарозалічна армія; Soravianhna armiya) is the land branch of the Soravian Armed Forces. It also includes the Soravian Marine Force, tasked with naval landings and other sea-based infantry exercises. With around 300,000 active duty personnel, the Soravian Army is Euclea's largest land force. It is supplied domestically by a range of companies and conglomerates, as part of Soraviana's domestic military industrial complex. It is integrated with other member militaries of Samorspi, who it regularly conducts joint exercises with and supplies.



1993 reforms and merger with Marines

2010 reforms


Ranks and insignia

The Soravian Army is organised into four staff groups (групи персоналу hrupy personalu), where all members of the army will be organised into. The ranks of the army have stayed the same since 1983, however the marshal rank was created in 1993, but is reserved for the highest administrations in the army and is not likely to have over ten simultaneous holders.

Staff group Rank ECDTO equivalent Badge
(Офіцери; Ofitsery)
Marshal of the Republic
(Маршал республіки; Marshal respubliky)
OF-7 RAF A F9GenArmy 1974-1991.png
(Генерал; Heneral)
OF-6 1955arm-tu03.svg
Lieutenant General
(Генерал-Лейтенант; Heneral-Leytenant)
OF-5 RAF A F7LtGen since 2010par.svg
(Полковник; Polkovnyk)
OF-4 RAF A F6MajGen since 2010par.svg
(Майор; Mayor)
OF-3 RAF A F4LtCol since 2010par.svg
Captain OF-2 RAF A F3Major since 2010par.svg
(Сержанти; Serzhanty)
(Лейтенант; Leytenant)
OF-1 RAF A F1-2Lt since 2010par.svg
(Сержант; Serzhant)
OR-4 RAF A F1-3SubLt since 2010par.svg
(Капрали; Kapraly)
(Капрал; Kapral)
OR-3 RAF A F0-Kur since 2010par.svg
(Солдати; Soldaty)
Private 1st Class
(Рядовий 1-го класу; Ryadovyy 1-ho klasu)
OR-2 Rank insignia of старший прапорщик of the Soviet Army.svg
Private 2nd Class
(Рядовий 2-го класу; Ryadovyy 2-ho klasu)
OR-1 Rank insignia of прапорщик of the Soviet Army.svg



Model Image Origin Type Calibre or cartridge Details
Litvin SZ13 9x19mm Пистолет Макарова.png Template:Country data Soraviana Semi-automatic handgun 9x19mm Parabellum Standard issue handgun of the Soravian Army, designed and trialled in the 1940s, adopted in 1954.
Hedeon H4 M11 Pistol (7414627234).jpg Template:Country data Soraviana Semi-automatic handgun 9x19mm Parabellum Adopted in 2004 as a gradually-phased replacement for the Litvin SZ13.
NRNKO IV «Vykryvach» Пистолет самозарядный специальный, 6П28 ПСС Вул - ОСН Сатрун 01.jpg Template:Country data Soraviana Concealed-carry semi-automatic handgun 7.62x39mm In use by the PDP and other special forces.
Hedeon Auto 1970 Stechkin APS.jpg Template:Country data Soraviana Selective fire machine pistol 9x19mm Parabellum Special-use fully automatic pistol used by some specialised roles within the army.

Tanks, IFVs and APCs


Other vehicles

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

Overseas deployments