Callipolis of Souna

Καλλίπολις της Τσουνάδας
Kallipolis tis Tsounádas
Flag of Souna
Motto: «Ειρήνη στις θάλασσες»
"Eiríni stis thálasses"
"Peace on the Seas"
Anthem: «Λαός και πόλις»
"Laós kai pólis"
"People and Polis"
and largest city
Official languagesSounan
GovernmentHegemonic technocratic aristokratia
Kyrillos Konstantinos
Kiriaki Miskou
Phoena Rega
LegislatureNational Syneleusi
Synedrion of the Poleis
Synedrion of the Ekklesia
• Colonisation of Nelyma
400 BCE
• Nelymean Supremacy
103 BCE
• Fall of Nelyma
1109 CE
• Proclamation of Sounan Republic
1858 CE
• The New Constitution
• 2015 estimate
GDP (PPP)2018 estimate
• Total
GDP (nominal)2018 estimate
• Per capita
GiniPositive decrease 60.1
very high
HDIIncrease 0.935
very high
CurrencyIsma (ϯ) (ISM)
Driving sideright
Internet TLD.ts

Souna (Sounan: Tσουνάδας tr. Tsounáda), officially known as the Callipolis of Souna (Selenian: Καλλίπολις της Τσουνάδας, tr. Kallipolis tis Tsounádas), and informally referred to as the Nelymean Hegemony, is a sovereign state in Asura, sharing maritime borders with Midrasia and Veleaz. With a population of 14.8 million and an area of number square kilometres (number sq mi), Souna is the Xth most populous and the Xth largest country in the world. The capital, Nelyma, has served as the capital for the nation since the first Sounan colonisers arrived, and is also the nation's largest city -- with a metropolitan area of 2 million people.

Souna, the name for the entire geographic region of the world inhabited by Sounans, is now relegated to a large portion of the territory once controlled by the Nelymean thalassocracy. After being colonised by Sounan settlers in the early 5th century BCE, Nelyma would rise to become one of the most prominent maritime trading settlements in the Asuran sea. Its prestige and power peaked in the first century of the common era, before progressive decline saw it fall or become vassalised to numerous regimes, culminating in Atrescan control of the city (in an on and off relationship) for 700 years beginning in 1109.

By 1858, ethnic Sounans had revolted en masse against their various occupiers and formed the 'Republic of Souna'. It would go on to be the first and only time all of the territories known as 'Souna' were united by one state. After being majorly occupied by the Federation of Socialist Republics during the Second Great War (Aeia), the nation would collapse due to socio-economic tensions in 1980 - the state known as the 'Republic of Souna' is largely regarded as having been succeeded by the 'Callipolis of Souna.'

Souna is a hegemonic, technocratic aristocracy ruled by three 'guardians' who are entrusted to ensure a 'common good' for the state. They answer to an two political bodies, called the Synedrions, the lower of which is made up of directly elected representatives. The upper house, however, is reserved for representatives for each 'city' within the hegemony.

The Callipolis is a highly developed country and has the worlds Xth largest economy by GDP. It has a high-income, yet unequal, state run economy -- private property having been banned in 1980. Sounans enjoy a very-high standard of living, social security, universal healthcare and free-tuition education. Sounans must also complete three years of a national service and the nation enforces conscription.. Souna maintains a modern military and fields the Yth largest navy in the world.