Tanvi Misra

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Tanvi Misra
Foreign Minister of Laeral
Assuming office
June 4, 2019
PresidentLiu Mei-han
Prime MinisterNicolas Martin
SucceedingMarie-Claire Beringer
Prime Minister of Laeral
In office
March 18th, 2015 – June 4, 2019
PresidentNicholas Brennan, Liu Mei-han
Preceded byGérald Barre
Succeeded byNicolas Martin
ConstituencyFuxing Province
General Assembly Delegate
Assumed office
January 6th, 1992
Serving with Gabriel Yu
Preceded byLu Jing
ConstituencyFuxing Province
Personal details
Tanvi Dara

(1959-01-27) January 27, 1959 (age 63)
Mingde, Fuxing, Laeral
Political partyProgressive Party
Height5 ft 5 in (165 cm)
Spouse(s)Arjun Misra
ChildrenPranav Misra, Lakshmi Misra, Priya Misra
ParentsNaveen and Ankita Misra
Alma materUniversity of Fuxing, Riverlands National University

Tanvi Misra (born Tanvi Dara on January 27th, 1959) is a Laeralian politician and currently the Foreign Minister of Laeral. She retains her seat in the General Assembly as the senior Delegate from Fuxing Province, and formerly served as the Prime Minister under Nicholas Brennan. Misra worked for the Progressive Party for 14 years, rising to become the Executive Director of the Progressive General Assembly Campaign Committee. In 2008, she became the Speaker of the General Assembly, and in 2015 became Prime Minister of Laeral at the head of the current Progressive-Socialist-Conservative governing coalition.

Early Life & Education

Born in 1959 to a family of Andhran immigrants resettled in Fuxing province, Misra excelled at school, and was also elected to the Student Council at Eastern Mingde Public High School. From her position as an ordinary member, she was elected as Prime Minister in her 11th grade year, and President in her 12th. She also became involved with the Fuxing Branch of the Student Progressives, which she joined at age 15. She attended the University of Fuxing, where she majored in Communications Studies, before attending the prestigious Riverlands National University for her Master’s degree.

Early Career

Misra was hired as a Progressive Party consultant following her graduation, where she oversaw party messaging. After working for the Progressive Party for 12 years, she rose to the position of Executive Director of the Progressive General Assembly Campaign Committee, a powerful position within the party, following the Progressive success in the 1990 elections. As Executive Director, her responsibilities included overseeing campaign fundraising and messaging for Progressive members of the General Assembly.

General Assembly

After serving as an important figure in the Progressive Party for years, she ran for Delegate from her native Fuxing province in 1992, narrowly edging out the Socialist candidate to become the junior Delegate from Fuxing. She continued to serve as the Executive Director of the PGACC as Delegate, and co-sponsored numerous pieces of legislation during her time in the General Assembly. In 2004, she was reelected with a greater number of votes than her Conservative fellow Delegate, becoming the senior Delegate from Fuxing. She became the General Assembly Leader of the Opposition in 2006, and Speaker of the General Assembly when the Progressive-Socialist coalition took control in 2008. She served in this capacity for six years, before President Nicholas Brennan chose her to serve as his Prime Minister following the 2014 elections.

Prime Minister of Laeral

As Prime Minister, she has a lower public profile than her predecessors, preferring to focus on behind-the-scenes negotiation rather than delivering speeches. She enjoys much power within the Progressive Party, where her intervention was largely responsible for electing Chen Ting-fei as Chair of the Progressive National Committee and leader of the party. As Prime Minister, she has significantly reduced the number of Progressive representatives voting against party wishes through an overhaul of the whip system used by the Progressive caucus. Her legislative priorities have focused on economic issues and foreign policy, notably managing to pass with a 2/3 supermajority a declaration of war on Suleman Chaher's government in June 2018.

Campaign for President

In February of 2018, Misra announced that she was seeking the Progressive Party nomination for President of Laeral. Facing few challengers, she was elected with 83% of the vote during the Progressive Party primary in May of 2018. After a scandal involving possible corruption, known as the Serriel Affair, she received 20% of the vote during the first round of the presidential election, finishing in third place. She endorsed Liu Mei-han in the second round of the presidential race.

Family & Personal Life

Misra met her husband Arjun Misra, an author and poet, when they were seeking their Master's Degrees from Riverlands National University. They were married in 1975 after an extended courtship. Misra has three adult children: Pranav, Lakshmi, and Priyanka Misra.