The Daisy (Vannois)

The Daisy

La Marguerite
Audonais nameМаргаритка
LeaderMarlène Astier
Secretary-GeneralÉlaine Vaillancourt
FounderÉlaine Vaillancourt, Marlène Astier, Joseph Lemaire
FoundedSeptember 15, 2016 (2016-09-15)
Preceded bySocialist Party
Headquarters1 Rue de Saint-Girard, Saint-Nazaire, Vannois
NewspaperThe Daisy
Membership (2018)
  • 595,500 (estimated)
ColorsRed, White
SloganFree and Equal
471 / 1,388

The Daisy, known also as La Marguerite or Маргаритка, is a centre-left political party in the Vannoisian Empire. The party grew from dissatisfaction with leadership of its immediate predecessor, the left-wing Socialist Party, and particularly of the increasingly "unelectable" party platform as dictated by long-time leaders. It was founded by now-Prime Minister Marlène Astier, taking on her nickname as its name, alongside party secretary Élaine Vaillancourt and now-Interior Minister Joseph Lemaire

While the Daisy is the direct successor to the old Socialist party, it is markedly more pragmatic. While it still aligns towards social democratic, Christian left values, it also undertakes relatively liberal economic policies.

As of 2018 it is in government, led by Prime Minister and namesake Marlène Astier.


Ideology and Policies

Economic Policy

Social Policy

Foreign Policy





Led by Marlène Astier, Prime Minister


Led by Joseph Lemaire, Minister for the Interior

Free and Equal

Led by Claudette Vérany, Minister for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Old Guard

Led by Élaine Vaillancourt, Minister for Foreign and Belisarian Affairs

New Socialists

Led by Antoine Durand, Minister for the Treasury