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Tulyata (Parbhan: तुल्यताय), literally meaning 'balance' is a syncretic faith native to the Bashurat Valley in Satria. Tulyata is a monistic, henotheistic faith, focused around a belief in the achievement of moksha (Parbhan: मोक्ष), usually translated as meaning liberation or release, from the sansar, (Parbhan: संसार), the eternal cycle of death and rebirth within the material realm, through the attainment of the eponymous state of Tulyata, or balance and allowing their soul to rejoin Jagaddhatr, the source of all souls.


Divine and Spiritual Beings


The Ishvara (Parbhan: सत्यलोक), translated as 'supreme being', is defined through negative theology it is immovable, ineffable, invisible, intangible, without age and neither male nor female. Coming into existence ex nihilo, through its emanations it is regarded as the creator of the Satyaloka, which it sits within the center of, and the Avatara and is the source of ultimate goodness within the universe.


The Avatara, (Parbhan: अवतार) translated as 'incarnation', are divine spirits created by the emanations of the Ishvara to rule over each circle of the Satyaloka, with a male-female pair ruling over each of the fifteen circles of the Satyaloka and having domain over a different concept or emotion The realms become more and more material in nature as they grow more distant from the Ishvara as the emanations from it become weaker and weaker, with the sixteenth circle being the final place the emanations of the Ishvara reach.

As they are immaterial beings of the Satyaloka, the Avatara cannot act within the material realm without offerings of the material, which are frequently burned to be carried by Medha to the Avatara to enable them to act within the material world.


Medha, (Parbhan: सत्यलोक) is the female Avatara of the male-female pair of the sixteenth circle of the Satyaloka, and is part of both the material and the immaterial, and so able to cross the boundary between them. Medha is the Avatara of boundaries, enlightenment and messengers, and is charged with communicating between the sixteenth layer and the other Avatara and carrying offerings from the material world to the Avatara.


Jagaddhatr (Parbhan: सत्यलोक) is the male Avatara of the sixteenth circle. As the Avatara of the material, Jagaddhatr is the demiurge which crafted the material realm out of the sixteenth circle of the Satyaloka. Thinking himself alone, as his material nature did not allow him to perceive the rest of the immaterial Satyaloka, Jagaddhatr began to populate the material realm with lesser, fleeting life made solely from the material, seeing himself as . Finding his creations lacking, Jagaddhatr used parts of himself to create six Rakshasa, which were charged with the creation of life that satisfied him.

Medha, upon witnessing Jagaddhatr dividing himself and his continued dissatisfaction with the works of the Rakshasa in creating life, chose to reveal herself to him as well as the Satyaloka. The humbled Jagaddhatr wept upon witnessing the beauty of the Satyaloka, and despairing of his attempts to create material life, sought to unmake the works of the Rakshasa and himself. Jagaddhatr had, however, given too much power to the six Rakshasa which triumphed over him and, unable to completely destroy him without destroying both themselves and the sixteenth circle, used the scattered shards of Jagaddhatr to create humanity.

The shards of Jagaddhatr, however, retained their instincts to unify together, however, they gradually began to escape their material prisons with the help of Medha, who gifted them the inherent knowledge that they were imprisoned and the means of breaking free through the achievement and maintenance of the state of Tulyata.

As the shards of Jagaddhatr break free, the Rakshasa break those pieces that escape apart and reimprison the smaller pieces, while Medha gathers some of the smaller pieces that the Rakshasa miss and reassembles them back together with the aim that eventually all the shards will be free, Jagaddhatr will be reborn and the sixteenth circle will be purified.


(Parbhan: राक्षस)




Parbhan: सत्यलोक) 'world of truth'



(Parbhan: व्यतिकर) 'exchange'


(Parbhan: तुल्यताय)