Union of Anterian Communist States

Union of Anterian Communist States
IdeologyMarxist–Leninist Socialism
Typemulti-national union
EstablishedApril 9th, 2019
General-SecretaryRussatrovaUnionFlag.png Yurij Nikolayenko
SecretariatRussatrovaUnionFlag.png Russatrova
HyrtexiaUnionFlag.png Hyrtexia
DulandoUnionFlag.png South Dulando
SarussiaUnionFlag.png Sarussia
VelvetUnionFlag.png Velvet
GloriaUnionFlag.png Gloria
TRLUnionFlag.png TRL

The Union of Anterian Communist States is a union in Atracia and Kasia that is nominally a union of multiple national communist states. The union is overseen by the Secretariat and governed by the Communist Party of Anteria with Bogdan as its capital in its largest state, however it contains major city centers such as Psixos and Grestin. Membership of the Union is exclusive to states who's ruling party or class consists of a communist party or equivalent and membering states consist of various tiers ranging from political support to full, political, economic, or military incorporation.


National Flag Union Flag Short and formal names Capital Population Government Join Date
Russatrovan flag.png RussatrovaUnionFlag.png Russatrova – The Soviet Regime of Soyedinennyye Russatrova Respubliki Bogdan 673,421,130 Federal Marxist–Leninist one-party socialist republic April 9, 2019
Hyrtexia.png HyrtexiaUnionFlag.png Hyrtexia – Socialist Federal Republic of Hyrtexia Psixos 243,658,000 Socialist Federal Republic April 9, 2019
CommunistDulando.png DulandoUnionFlag.png South Dulando – The Under-Duchy of South Dulando Tio city TBA Marxist-Leninist Monarchy April 9, 2019
SarussiaFlag.png SarussiaUnionFlag.png Sarussia – People's Republic of Sarussia Grestin 150,456,876 Leninist Republic April 10, 2019
VelvetFlag.png VelvetUnionFlag.png Velvet – State of Velvet Winterbay 43,284,407 Semi-Presidential Republic April 11, 2019
GloriaFlag.png GloriaUnionFlag.png Gloria – Socialist Republic of Gloria Höfuðborg 46,580,000 Social Federal Republic April 12, 2019
TRLFlag.png TRLUnionFlag.png TRL – The Democratic States of URSS of T R L Bunker-01 TBA TBA April 13, 2019
VOLGINGRAD FLAG.png The flag.png VOLGINGRAD – The socialist Union of VOLGINGRAD moscovich 6,000,000 socialist democracy january 23, 2020