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Union of Realms

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Flag of Union of Realms Neragese: Vereunisroyaumes Cavalan: Union d'Royaumes Qiuese: 國聯盟 Juksan: རྒྱལ་པོའི་མནའ་འབྲེལ། Wravian: Унија нација Hestandan: Unión de Reinos Atontec:
HeadquartersWilding, Neragon
Official languages
TypeIntergovernmental organization
MembershipXXX member states
Septimus Nachtschatten
Natalia Carlisle
Cyrus Koresh
Nguyen Chi Thanh
Francisco Casablanc
12 Pusper–1 Kunnen 1949
• VR Charter signed
25 Disemba 1949
• Charter entered into force
10 Enero 1950

The Union of Realms (Neragese: Vereunisroyaumes), (VR, sometimes VUR) is an intergovernmental organization whose purpose is to maintain international peace and security, develop friendly relations among nations, achieve international cooperation, and be a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations. According to a survey conducted by XXX in 1996, the Union of Realms is the world most familiar international organization. The VR's main headquarters is in Wilding, Neragon.

The VR was established in 1949 after the Murchu Conference with the aim of preventing future wars, and evolved into an organization dealing with maintaining international peace and security, protecting human rights, providing humanitarian aid, promoting sustainable development, and upholding international law. At its founding, the VR had 34 member states, with the addition of Hoy Kok in 1998, membership is now XXX, representing almost all of Gentu's sovereign states.

Lead by General Secretary Septimus Nachtschatten since 1996, other leaders of the VR include Deputy Secretary Natalia Carlisle, General Assembly President Cyrus Koresh, Security Council President Nguyen Chi Thanh, and the Economic and Social Council President Francisco Casablanc.


Background and Declaration

In the wake of the Great War during the Godfrey Peace Conference, several major world leaders including Hugo Deshaies advocated for a world body to guarantee peace. However, no significant activity to step towards this goal was achieved until 1949 when the Neragese hosted the Murchu Conference from 12 Pusper to 1 Kunnen 1949 where the aims, structure and function of a new international organization was proposed.

By late Pusper, the VR Charter to define goals for the world was drafted. Subsequently, the charter was signed by representatives of 16 nations including Cavala, the Northern United Republic, Neragon, Nanchao and many others on the 25 Disemba 1949. On 10 Enero 1950, the first VR session convened in Froozan and the VR officially came into existence shortly after, upon ratification of the Charter by the seven permanent members of the Security Council: Neragon, Cavala, the Northern United Republic, Qiuhua, The Atontec, Paqueonia, and Neo-Calidum (later Calidum); as well as by 27 signatories.

The first General Assembly and Security Council session took place in Memesa 1950 in Wilding. To minimise the chance of the annihilation of the VR, different principal bodies of the organisation choose different headquarters with the General Assembly staying in Wilding while the Security Council moved to Godfrey, Cavala. Construction for both headquarters begun 17 Marto 1950 and were completed on 2 Kunnen and 29 Pusper 1954. Headquarters for other principal bodies were constructed from 1951 to 1955. Former Atontec Secretary of State Willka Chipana, was elected as the first VR General Secretary.



Contemporary period



The Union of Realms is the parent organisation of X institutions and entities known as autonomous organisations. The organisation in question is made up of 5 principal bodies established by the VR Charter. The General Assembly (VROZ), the Security Council (VRGT), the VR Secretariat, the Realms' Court of Law and Justice (VRΣRR), and the Economic and Social Council (VREVT).

Each principal body has a unique headquarter: the General Assembly and VR Secretariat is located in Wilding, Neragon; the Security Council is in Castelano, Paqueonia; the Realms' Court of Law and Justice is at Haishu, Qiuhua; and the Economic and Social Council is located at Godfrey, Cavala. Most headquarters' of autonomous entities are located around Neragon, Cavala, Paloa, Paqueonia, or Veragon while additional VR institutions are located throughout Gentu. The seven official languages of the VR, used in intergovernmental meetings and documents, are Neragese, Cavalan, Qiuese, Juksan, Wravian, Hestandan, and Atontec.


General Assembly


Security Council


VR Secretariat

The VR Secretariat carries out the day-to-day operations of the Union of Realms system. It is headed by the General Secretary who is also the spokesperson of the VR as well as the Deputy Secretary.

The General Secretary is elected by the General Assembly, after being recommended by the Security Council, where the permanent members have veto power. There is no fixed term length for the post meaning they would stay in post until they are voted out, resigned, or died in office. The current General Secretary is Septimus Nachtschatten of Veragon, who replaced Sim Yejun who resigned in 1996 following the Kukanan Genocide.

No. Name Nationality Took office Left office Notes
1 Willka Chipana The Atontec 10 Memesa 1950 1 Enero 1963 Retired and resigned
2 Audrey Ingrem  Cavala 1 Enero 1963 30 Hunyo 1967 Left office after vote of no confidence
3 Rustem Aliş Northern United Republic 3 Phupu 1967 1 Enero 1978 Acting General Secretary from 1967 to 1968
4 Sim Yejun Eyoseoul 1 Enero 1978 1 Enero 1996 Resigned; longest serving General Secretary
5 Septimus Nachtschatten Veragon 1 Enero 1996 Incumbent

Realms' Court of Law and Justice


Economic and Social Council


Autonomous organisations



Member states