Union pour un mouvement populaire

Union for a Popular Movement

Union pour un mouvement populaire
LeaderJacques Sardou
PresidentPierre-Antoine Cellier
FounderLord Jean-Joël Coelho, Duke of Lesseps
Founded12 January 1903
Dissolved15 October 2018
Preceded byConservative Party of Vannois
Succeeded byChristian Democratic Union
National Conservatives
Headquarters1 Rue de l'Empereur, Cléricot, Vannois
Student wingLa Front d'étudiants
Youth wingLa Front jeune
Membership (2017)209,620
SloganLa droite forte
167 / 362
National Assembly
312 / 596

The Union pour un mouvement populaire, also referred to as the Union for a Popular Movement or the UMP, was a centre-right political party in the Vannoisian Empire. It espoused the philosophies of conservatism, which traces its roots to classical liberalism with an emphasis on its economically liberal policies in supporting free markets, limited government, and laissez-faire economics, while supporting socially conservative and centrist policies. A significant portion of the UMP base is made up of fiscal conservatives and other free market, pro-capitalism factions.

As of 2017 it was the largest party in the National Assembly as well as the Senate, and was last in government as led by Jean-Christophe, Duke of Périnesse-Toucourt.

The Party was founded in 1901 following the reforms of Louis XX in favor of a Prime Ministerial position. It was founded in Saint-Nazaire by the Lord Jean-Joël Coelho, 65th Duke of Lesseps and formed around Lesseps, who was appointed Prime Minister by the Emperor on 23rd March 1902, cementing the party's importance in Vannoisian politics.

It dissolved on 15 October, 2018, by vote of its leading council.



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Leader of the UMP and current Prime Minister, Jean-Christophe Dammartin, speaking at the annual Party conference, 2005.