United Center Bloc

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United Center Bloc
(lit. "Consolidated faction [of the] Center")

מאוחד מרכז סיעה
nameModern Hebrew
LeaderReuven Goldschmidt
Deputy ChairmanShaul Frum
FounderReuven Goldschmidt
FoundedNovember 17, 2019 (2019-11-17)
HeadquartersModiin, Yisrael
Middle-income interests
Internal Factions:
National liberalism
Green liberalism
Political positionCenter
ReligionTraditional-sector of Orthodox Judaism
International affiliationBelisarian Community Parliament - the Alliance of Centrists
Colors     Light blue
     Light gray
Slogan"Unite the Center!"
Seats in the Royal Knesset
22 / 142

The United Center Bloc is a political alliance of the leading Yisraeli centrist parties - the center-to-center-left Alternative for Yisrael and the center-right Action Yisrael. The list was created on November 17, 2019, about two months before the 2020 general elections. At the time of its founding, the Center Bloc had 22 incumbent Members of Knesset, and pre-election polling suggests the bloc is set to gain 6-12 additional seats. The Center Bloc is the first time a third political bloc outside of the Right and Left blocs have contested the de facto two-party presidential system.



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Election results and current representation

Current representation

The political alliance is led by AfY founder and leader Reuven Goldschmidt, who serves as the bloc's chairman, and the deputy chairman is Action Yisrael leader Shaul Frum. The Bloc has an executive board consisting of all the members of each party's executive councils.

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