United Socialist Party (Ordennya)

United Socialist Party

Förenad Socialistiska partiet
LeaderJosephine Petersson
Deputy LeaderErica Oberg
FounderJean Oak
Antoine Rhodes
Josephine Petersson
Karl Simoneau
Founded17 August 2018
DissolvedSeptember 2019
Preceded byCSD
Succeeded byLabour Party
Student wingUnited Socialist Students
Youth wingYoung Socialists
IdeologyDemocratic Socialism
Social Democracy
Left wing populism
Political positionCentre-left to left wing
National affiliationAlliance for Progress & Development
AnthemThe Red Flag
Chamber of Deputies
87 / 650
Senate of the People & Regions
60 / 450

The United Socialist Party was a centre-left Ordennyan political party, that was formed after the split in the Coalition of Socialists & Democrats between left wing and centrist MPs. It was dissolved when the decision was made at a meetings of the National Executive Committee to readopt the pre-2007 Labour Party branding.