University of Northern Asura
Universitätet Nord-Asura
Latin: Universitas Asura Septentriensis
Former name
The Inostranic Institute (1624-1923)
MottoDuctus Exemplo (Fiorentine)
Motto in English
"Leadership by Example"
Established1624 (1624)
Budget$512.3 million (2017)
PresidentAnton Steiler
ProvostRonja Kalveren
Academic staff
2,074 Total (Fall 2018)
807 Tenure and Tenure Track
Students23,884 (Fall 2018)
Undergraduates19,324 (Fall 2018)
Postgraduates2,674 (Fall 2018)
Location, ,
295 acres (1.19 km2)
Academic termQuarter
ColorsGreen and Gray

Oralienborg Inostran International Airport

Oralienborg Aroport Inostran
Düsseldorf International Airport2.jpg
Aerial overview of the airport and surrounding town of Vailers
Airport typePublic
LocationVailers, Oralienborg, Aleia
Hub for
Direction Length Surface
m ft
05L/23R 2,800 9,186 Concrete
Statistics (2018)

Discrimination against Kalic peoples in Aleia (Kaliaphobia) refers to the mistreatment of Tavotians, Boranians, Liidurians and Nausikaans in Aleia.

Liidurians, Boranians and Tavotians are commonly referred to as West Kalic Peoples, while Boranians and Tavotians have been named Kylian Kalics or Aleian Kalics.


Mixed Aleian-Kalic Ethnicity

Due to extensive contact between Aleians and Kalics, several people have origins in both groups.

Differences between Liidurians and West-Kalic peoples

West-Kalics are reported to be more vulnerable to acts of Kaliaphobics than Liidurians.


Sociologists have explained the existence of discrimination against Kalics by referring to various prejudices, xenophobia and envy.

I has been suggested that Kaliaphobia partially originates through prejudices branding Kalics as greedy and opportunistic. This belief may come from peeceptions of the Sadamic League during the late middle ages, during which the entity owned offices and territory throughout ethnic Aleian land.

Talvo Renttii, economist at the Open Aleian-Liidurian University, theorized at the beginning of the 1990s that Aleians may hold resentment towards Liidurians due to their wealth. While full ethnic Liidurians accounted for 23% of the population in Koredin, the province with the largest Liidurian population, up to 50% of jobs in the upper quartile were reported to be held by a Liidurian. The theroy was supported by a gallup poll held in 2006, when 29% of Koredi's voter base answered "Yes" to the question "Do you believe the skewered This prejudice is not applicable to Kylian Kalic groups, since the average member of aforementioned groups earn 66% less on average.



The absolute number of Kaliaphobic acts against Liidurians reported by the HFL is highest in Koredin, due to the province having the largest population of ethnic Liidurians in Aleia.

Nausikaans in Aleia

Unlike Liidurians and Kylian Kalics, Aleians have had little contact with Nausikaans.