Verliquoian Empire

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Verliquoian Empire
Empire Verliquois

426 AD–1407 AD
Motto: "Milites Christi!"
The Empire's greatest extent in 521 AD
The Empire's greatest extent in 521 AD
Solarian Catholicism
GovernmentAbsolute, then Feudal Monarchy
LegislatureCour Royale
• Established
426 AD
• Disestablished
1407 AD


The first use of the term "Verliquois" to label the later years of the Solarian Empire was in 1557, when the Weranian historian Hieronymus Wolf published his work Corpus Historiæ Verliquois, a collection of historical sources. The term comes from Verlois, the name of the capital of Gaullica. The publication in 1648 of the Verliquois du Louvre (Corpus Scriptorum Historiae Verliquois), and in 1680 of Du Cange's Historia Verliquia further popularised the use of "Verliquois" among Gaullican authors, such as Montesquieu. However, it was not until the mid-19th century that the term came into general use in the Eastern World.

The Verliqouis Empire was known to its inhabitants as the "Solarian Empire", the "Empire of the Solarians", "Solaria", "the Solarian Republic", "Gaullia" and "Gaullica." The inhabitants called themselves "Solairen", derived from Solarian.