Zorasani Irfanic Revolutionary Navy

Zorasani Irfanic Revolutionary Navy
ارتش انگلآب آرزو مصلح زرزائی ارفانی
Arteš-e Enghelâb-e Arz-ye Neeroo-e Zorasāni-e Erfāni
Emblem of the ZIR Navy.png
Country Zorasan
AllegianceUnion of Zorasani Irfanic Republics
RoleNaval warfare, power projection
Size88,745 active personnel
45,222 reserves
Part ofZorasani Irfanic Revolutionary Army
Motto(s)راه ما، راه حسین است‎, Rāh-e ma, rāh-e adashir ast "Our Path, Is Adashir's Path"
Supreme Commander in ChiefVahid Isfandiar
Minister of National DefenseAlireza Fadavi
Minister for the NavyHabibollah Pourdastan
Chief of StaffAdm. Nassad Ashfari
Coordinator Deputy CommanderAdm. Sayeed Sayyari

The Zorasani Irfanic Revolutionary Navy (Pardarian: ارتش انگلآب آرزو مصلح زرزائی ارفانی; Arteš-e Enghelâb-e Arz-ye Neeroo-e Zorasāni-e Erfāni) is the naval warfare service branch of Zorasan's Armed Forces.

It is charged with the responsibility of forming Zorasan's first line of defense in the Gulf of Mazarazad and beyond with the mission of acting as an effective blue-water navy. However, it is generally considered as a conventional green-water navy as it mostly operates at a regional level, in the Solarian Sea, Mazdan Sea, Gulf of Assionaire and the eastern fringes of the Lumine Ocean. Since 2011, the Navy has focused on expanding its capabilities, operational range and quality of systems.

Overall manpower strength in the Navy is supported by the various branches within the Navy, including the Aviation and Marines (Maritime Takavaran). The Navy also has operational control over the Zorasani Irfanic Revolutionary Coastal Protection Force, which is the land-based force dedicated to shore-to-sea operations. As of 2018, the ZIRN stands as one of the largest navies in the world, with 12 destroyers, 21 frigates, 22 corvettes, 30 submarines and 74 small patrol and attack craft.


Organisation and doctrine

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Naval components and branches

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Commissioned officers

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Recruitment and training

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Aircraft carrier

Class Picture Type Ship Displacement Note
Mahrdad Ali Sattari-class aircraft carrier ZNSMahrdadAliSattari.png Aircraft carrier
  • ZNS Mahrdad Ali Sattari
45,400 tonnes Original hull purchased from Chervolesia in 1973, delivered in 1975. Retrofitting process took 21-years due to the focus on domestic designs and equipment. Further retrofits took place between 1996 and 2014, before officially entering service in 2016.


Class Picture Type Ship Displacement Note
Mazdavand-class destroyer INS Kolkata entering Mombasa, Kenya.jpg Multi-role destroyer
  • ZNS Mazdavand
  • ZNS Borazjan
  • ZNS Beit Tariq
  • ZNS Qeydar
  • ZNS Gamsar
7,400 tonnes
Jomhuri-class destroyer INS Mumbai (D62) underway.jpg Multi-role destroyer
  • ZNS Pardaran
  • ZNS Khazestan
  • ZNS Irvadistan
  • ZNS Samrin
  • ZNS Ninevah
  • ZNS Armavand
  • ZNS Riyadha
6,200 tonnes


Class Picture Type Ship Displacement Note
Towamyat-class frigate F-22P PNS Zulfiquar.JPG Multi-role frigate
  • ZNS Towamyat
  • ZNS Alvand
  • ZNS Sahand
  • ZNS Sabalan
  • ZNS Faramarz
  • ZNS Hamee
2,500 tonnes
Motegh-class frigate INS Trikand (F51)-image41.jpg Guided missile frigate
  • ZNS Abdolreza Safani
  • ZNS Hossein Alizadeh
  • ZNS Kamran Hosseini
  • ZNS Habibollah Jamarani
  • ZNS Ehsan Saediqi-Khanzadi
  • ZNS Mustafa al-Abadi
3,850 tonnes Four under construction
Hosam-class frigate [[file:|150px]] Guided missile frigate
  • ZNS Hosam
  • ZNS Asal
  • ZNS Separ
  • ZNS Palta
XXXX tonnes Built in Chervolesia and delivered between 2014 and 2018.
Hadid-class frigate Jiaxing1.jpg Multi-role frigate
  • ZNS Hadid
  • ZNS Fath
  • ZNS Nasr
  • ZNS Fajr
  • ZNS Qadir
2,250 tonnes


Class Picture Type Ship Displacement Note
Ghazee-class corvette INS Kamorta (3).JPG ASW corvette
  • ZNS Ghazee
  • ZNS Saiyyad Salar
  • ZNS Khosrow Ali
  • ZNS Javan Raisi
  • ZNS Hamid Hashemi-Akbari
3,500 tonnes
Okhorvat-class corvette Type 056 corvette in ShangHai.jpg Air defence corvette
  • ZNS E'telaf
  • ZNS Tazamon
  • ZNS Rafiq
  • ZNS Beradaree
1,500 tonnes All four built in Xiaodong between 2010 and 2017.
Rasool-class corvette INS Kulish (P63) is underway with U.S. and Indian navy ships during Exercise Malabar 2012.jpg Guided missile corvette
  • ZNS Hussein-neshin
  • ZNS Ardashir-neshin
  • ZNS Khosrow-neshin
  • ZNS Kavad-neshin
  • ZNS Shahvaraz-neshin
  • ZNS Ali-neshin
  • ZNS Al-Muntasir-neshin
  • ZNS Ahmad-Shapur-neshin
  • ZNS Mohammad-neshin
  • ZNS Eskandar-neshin
  • ZNS Alimorad-neshin
  • ZNS Sadeq-neshin
1,320 tonnes
Tondbad-class corvette Iranian Velayat-90 Naval Exercise by IRIN (6).jpg Multi-role corvette
  • ZNS Tondbad
  • ZNS Tondar
  • ZNS Azrakhash
  • ZNS Raad
  • ZNS Forjeh
1,320 tonnes


Class Picture Type Ship Displacement Note
Zahedan-class submarine Song-class Submarine 5.jpg diesel-electric submarine
  • ZNS Zahedan
  • ZNS Narmashir
  • ZNS Khalifan
  • ZNS Faidah
2,250 tonnes One under construction
Ghadir-class submarine Iranian kilo class submarine.jpg diesel-electric submarine
  • ZNS Ghadir
  • ZNS Noor
  • ZNS Yunes
  • ZNS Tareq
  • ZNS Fath
  • ZNS Khordad
  • ZNS Khordad 11
  • ZNS Khordad 12
2,350 tonnes
Shekar-class submarine Shekar.jpg diesel-electric submarine
  • ZNS Shekar-01
  • ZNS Shekar-02
  • ZNS Shekar-03
  • ZNS Shekar-04
  • ZNS Shekar-05
  • ZNS Shekar-06
  • ZNS Shekar-07
  • ZNS Shekar-08
  • ZNS Shekar-09
  • ZNS Shekar-10
  • ZNS Shekar-11
  • ZNS Shekar-12
  • ZNS Shekar-13
  • ZNS Shekar-13
  • ZNS Shekar-14
  • ZNS Shekar-15
  • ZNS Shekar-16
  • ZNS Shekar-17
  • ZNS Shekar-18
2,110 tonnes

Patrol and fast attack craft

Class Picture Type Ship Displacement Note
Kaman-class missile boat 駐港部隊艦艇大隊037II型-771導彈艦.JPG missile boat
  • ZNS Kaman
  • ZNS Khadang
  • ZNS Paykan
  • ZNS Joshan
  • ZNS Falakhon
  • ZNS Shamshir
  • ZNS Khanjar
  • ZNS Tabarzin
430 tonnes
Mobarez-class missile boat INS Nirbhik.jpg missile boat
  • ZNS Mobarez 1
  • ZNS Mobarez 2
  • ZNS Mobarez 3
  • ZNS Mobarez 4
455 tonnes
Pasdaran-class missile boat PasdaranFAC.png missile boat 60+ in service 20 tonnes


Class Picture Type Ship Displacement Note
Aramesh-class replenishment oiler INS Shakti A57.jpg Replenishment oiler
  • ZNS Aramesh
  • ZNS Mosalamat
27,500 tonnes
Jabal-class repair ship INS Aditya A59.jpg Replenishment oiler/repair ship
  • ZNS Jabal
24,612 tonnes