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Communist Party of Tarper

Parti Communiste de Tarper
LeaderRaul Gomez
PresidentDaniel Mynatt
ChairpersonLambert Salinas
FounderErnesto Rivero
Preceded byUnited Socialist Democratic Party
(Not legal successor)
NewspaperThe Vanguard
Think tankPolitburo of the CPT
Student wingUniversity Communists
Youth wingTarperti League of Young Communists
Women's wingCommunist Women's Auxiliary
Paramilitary wingThe Red Brigade (1902-1929)
Membership (December 2017)65,000
Left Communism
Classical Marxism
Political positionFar-left
International affiliationInternational Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties
Colors     Maroon
Slogan"Workers of the world, unite!"
Federal Council
12 / 120
Federal Assembly
80 / 709
State legislatures
105 / 1,454
Party flag
Flag of the Communist Party of Tarper.svg

The Communist Party of Tarper, also commonly referred to as the CPT, is a Communist political party in Tarper. The party was founded in 1902 as a continuation of the United Socialist Democratic Party, USDP, of the Platesan Empire.

Since mid-2010, Raul Gomez has been the party's leader. In the Federal Assembly the party has 80 out of 709 seats after polling 10.7% of the vote in the 2017 federal elections , the party joined the Socialist Party of Tarper and Green Liberation Union to form a coalition government.

According to official party figures, the Party had 65,000 registered members as of December 2017, making it the fourth-largest party in Tarper.

The party participates in the legislatures of seven states and is the senior partner in the government coalition of Meerland.


The party was created by an Ernesto Rivero. Rivero was a member of the United Socialist Democratic Party and influential party in the Platesan Empire. After the breakup of the Empire, Rivero took the Tarperti branch of the party and created the party after the founding of the United Kingdoms of Tarper.

Role during the United Kingdoms

Ruling party of the CTCR

Starpin Era (1960-1991)

Underground Era (1991-2002)

Present Day (2002-present)


Foreign policy



In its early days the party used a maroon cockade, which was customary for parties of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Since the first civil war the party has used the hammer and sickle, first only appearing in the party's flag and then being used by its modern logo.

The party uses the march titled,"The Red Banner" as its primary anthem. It used to use a modified version of the State Anthem of the CTCR but halted use of it do to its purported "soiling" by the Republic of Tarper.

Special organizations

Notable sub-organizations of the CPT are:

  • Alliance for Left Communism (ALLCO), Caucus created to drive the party towards a non-authoritarian form of Communism.
  • Tarperti League of Young Communists (TLYC), Youth and Student group of the party.
  • The Left Party (LEFT), Coalition of Socialists and Moderate Communists.
  • Rebirth Coalition (RC), Members who wish to return to CTCR era policy and stop chasing the SP.

Politburo of the CPT


Federal election results

Election Seats won ± Position Leader
248 / 603
Increase 190 2nd Harper Paszek
61 / 614
Decrease 187 3rd Harper Paszek
93 / 622
Increase 32 3rd Harper Paszek
64 / 630
Decrease 29 3rd Raul Gomez
80 / 709
Increase 16 4th Raul Gomez

Leaders of the Communist Party, 1902-present

Leader Period
Che Rivero 1902-1920
Yakov Menendez 1920-1930
Ludovic Leone 1930-1940
Zoe Herzog 1940-1950
Alois Benini 1950-1960
Tom Starpin 1960-1991
Finley Stringer 1991-2000
Harper Paszek 2000-2010
Raul Gomez 2010-present