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The UFC Tempest is a 4.5-generation, multirole fighter-bomber designed by the transnational concern United Fighters Consortium. It was the result of a program of inter-state cooperation in the development of a modern multirole combat aircraft in the 1980's. It was finally rolled out for squadron service in the mid-2000's. The Tempest was designed to be fielded in substantial numbers to form the backbone of the participant states' tactical airpower, replacing multiple previous designs. The Tempest project aimed to fill the niche of a multirole combat aircraft, able to be deployed in substantial numbers and which can be tasked to perform most tactical mission scenarios. With the new fighter, the designers envisaged using a combination of in-built instability, close-coupled canards and high-thrust engines to produce a supermaneouverable aircraft, together with cutting edge avionics enabling a significant degree of overmatch against legacy fighters, especially when using energy rather than turning-based tactics in WVR combat. While a relatively small number of 5th-generation fighter squadrons equipped with the UFC F-29 Hurricane act as a 'silver bullet' force to carry out the most demanding missions, the Tempest will form the bulk of their fighter fleets for decades to come. Its extensive employment by the militaries of some of the world's most powerful democracies has garnered it the moniker the 'Right Arm of the Free World'. (See more...)

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