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The Zhoushi language (Zhoushi: Ʒөшinчina) is a Slavic language with major influence of local languages, that arose as a mixed language or pidgin of sorts in the nation of Zhousheng, a former colonial outpost of Suidenland. It is based on a slavic grammatic and linguistic base, especially inspired by Bogmian, Suiden and Belgorian languages, but has many major influences of other languages located in the region, especially Yu language|Standard Yu, Preimeai, Mandarin Chinese and Syuba. The language has a slavic root and grammar, however, unlike other slavic languages, has 8 grammatical cases (other have 7 or 6). Also, there are about 700 Zhengian words in present day Zhoushi language, they are inflected using Bogmian grammar. Old Zhengian, having been descendant out of Prei-Phnom languages, was slowly assimilated into Slavic grammar, having transformed into Slavic Zhengian. Because of the Zhengian accents profilerating, Zhoushi language has 40 unique phonemes, 2 of which are exclusive to Zhoushi language (See more...)

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IIWiki is an online, web-based, free encyclopedia for the creation and display of fictional content produced by members of NationStates, though is unaffiliated with NationStates. The focus of the wiki is on Simulated and Speculative Fictional content, including Alt History, Mythopoeia, Conlang, Geofiction, and other elements of Worldbuilding.

IIWiki seeks to create an in-character environment where users can create and share content and lore. We expect encyclopedic articles and worldbuilding according to the Wikipedia Manual of Style, which is to say neutral, professional, and focused.

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