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Dinner by the Sea is an oil painting by the Moldanian impressionist painter Florentina. The models in the painting are thought to be Florentina's mother Tereza, brother Eduard, his fiancée and later wife Denice and his cousin Felix. It is believed that it is Tereza and Eduard standing by the harbor in the background of the painting, with Denice and Felix sitting turned away from the painter in the foreground. Although the scene projects affluent domesticity, it is by no means a family portrait. Florentina's relations with his father were tense that summer, owing to family disapproval of the young artist's liaison with his companion Denice. The painting was initially bought by the Sopava Fine Arts Museum in 1926 following the passing of Florentina, when his children were selling paintings he had left in his home. The buying price was believed to be $15 million, which adjusted to modern inflation was around $150 million. It remained in the museum, where it became a world-famous piece as it was the centerpiece of the museum's renaissance section of arts. It was in 1988 that the painting went on auction, being brought by the International Museum of Fine Arts for around $120 million (Now valued at $800 million). (See more...)

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