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IIWiki is an online, web-based, free encyclopedia for the creation and display of fictional content produced by members of NationStates. It is unaffiliated with NationStates.


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The War of the Njord was a one year and four month long war fought between Sjealand and Ambrose over the Tårnøerne (also known as the Tower Islands), an archipelago in the Sea of Njord under Sjealandic sovereignty. Ambrose had long disputed the Sjealandic claim to the islands, going as far back as to the 800's but first cemented after the Ambrosian War of Liberation in the 1600s where the Kingdom of Ambrose, newly independent from Sjealand, laid claim to the archipelago; they had previously been contested in both the Great War of the North and the Continental War, with Ambrose ceding control the islands in the aftermath of the latter conflict. The conflict was immediately sparked by several incidents concerning fishing rights, an issue that was seized upon by the Ambrosian President Husband Kipling in order to boost his government's faltering popularity. (See more...)

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