Members of the Gallambrian House of Commons

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This is a list of Members of the House of Commons, the lower house in the Parliament of Gallambria.

Summary of Members by affiliation

List of Members

Name Year Elected Party Constituency Notes
Paul Kozlow 1972 Country National Party Castle Point Father of the House of Commons
Gladys Leigh 1972 Gallambrian Greens Party Pye
Mary Stephenson 1972 Gallambrian Labor Party Freeman
Jacob Winterburn 1972 Gallambrian Labor Party Banks
Peter Hermanson 1972 Gallambrian Labor Party McMillan
Marsha Coates 1972 Gallambrian Labor Party Brayston
Mary Klee 1972 Gallambrian Labor Party Gipton
Constance Hanks 1972 Gallambrian Labor Party Sandhurst
Karen MacDonald 1972 Gallambrian Labor Party Branksome Woods
Jeanette Taylor 1972 Gallambrian Labor Party Dorset
Margaret Kinch 1972 Gallambrian National Party Morecambe Secretary of State for Justice
John Deveroux 1972 Liberal Party Hacton Minister of State for the Armed Forces
Susan Donaldson 1972 Liberal Party Ashbrowe Minister of State for Regional Services and Development
Evan Kinnaird 1972 Liberal Party Clarence Minister of State for Security and Counter-Terrorism
Emilia Morales 1972 Liberal Party Raigleigh Minister of State for Universities and Higher Education
Sharon Howe 1975 Gallambrian Greens Party Camperdown
James Kanawa 1975 Gallambrian Labor Party Lyons
Rowland Free 1975 Gallambrian Labor Party Huddersfield
Robert Hatfield 1975 Gallambrian Labor Party Sandbach
Chloe Foreman 1975 Gallambrian National Party Glen Innes
Lawrence Saunders 1975 Liberal Party Hindmarsh Minister of State for Health
Julian Breckenridge 1975 Liberal Party Burleigh
Maxwell Ferguson 1975 Liberal Party Invercargill
Luke Wilson-Johns 1975 Liberal Party Inverclyde
Raymond Bergstrom 1978 Country National Party Gedling
Lawrence Baker 1978 Country National Party Benthal Green Minister of State for Sport and Civil Society
Mary Arthurs 1978 Country National Party McEwan
Melanie Lentini 1978 Gallambrian Labor Party Isaacs
Frank Connelly 1978 Gallambrian Labor Party Dobell
Esther Elliot 1978 Gallambrian Labor Party Rawmarsh
Andrew Martin 1978 Gallambrian Labor Party Elmwood
Lewis Perrin 1978 Gallambrian Labor Party Chandler
Doroth Cagiano 1978 Gallambrian National Party Swinton
James Harrison 1978 Gallambrian National Party Thanet
Oliver Williams 1978 Liberal Party Bexleyheath Minister of State for Communications and the Media
Lucas Erikson 1978 Liberal Party Pennsland
Robert Schultz 1978 Liberal Party Doncaster Minister of State for Vocational Training
Janice Quinn 1978 Liberal Party Barkershire
Sean Anderson 1981 Country National Party Clayton
Lawrence Cartwright 1981 Socialists Alliance Flinders
Clarissa Hudec 1981 Gallambrian Labor Party Aston
Wayne Cheeseman 1981 Gallambrian Labor Party Mitcham and Mooredon
Peter Hand 1981 Gallambrian Labor Party Bathavon
Francine Williams 1981 Gallambrian Labor Party Wickshire
Kirsty Simmonds 1981 Gallambrian National Party Poole Minister of State for Alharu & Argis
Lleyton Merricks 1981 Gallambrian National Party Orpington Deputy Prime Minister
Howard Patel 1981 Liberal Party Belvedere Minister of State for Marenesia & Europa
Patrick Morlington 1981 Liberal Party Ashburton Secretary of State for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
Stephen Chambers 1981 Liberal Party Stonecot Minister of State for Science
Andrew Coleman-Beck 1981 Liberal Party Belle Vale Minister of State for the Dominions
Dominic Ellsworth 1981 Liberal Party Shiregreen Secretary of State for Trade, Investment and International Development
Paul Vincent 1981 Liberal Party Gavern
Henry Richardson 1981 Liberal Party Myall Lakes Minister of State for the Environment and Forestry
Grayson Farrah 1981 Liberal Party Stroud
Joshua Davidson 1984 Socialists Alliance Mallee
Avan Finnigan 1984 Socialists Alliance Evanston
Lewis Thorton 1984 Gallambrian Labor Party Altringcham
Philip Cope 1984 Gallambrian Labor Party Littleborough
Faisal Islam 1984 Gallambrian Labor Party Kirby Thore
Hillary Macgillivray 1984 Gallambrian Labor Party Sagefield
Matthew Saxby 1984 Gallambrian Labor Party Middlesex
Christine Priestly 1984 Independent Eyre
Travis Alexander 1984 Liberal Party Calder Valley
Lachlan Ainsley 1984 Liberal Party Llanelli
Helen Bassett 1987 Gallambrian Labor Party Mackellar
Julie Redgate 1987 Gallambrian Labor Party Malbury
Allan Wilde 1987 Gallambrian Labor Party Exeter
Deborah Wootton 1990 Gallambrian Greens Party Spatford
Erik Nazarian 1990 Gallambrian Labor Party Slater
Frances Osteen 1990 Gallambrian Labor Party Oxley
Stephanie Housemann 1990 Gallambrian Labor Party Forde
Jillian Horde 1990 Gallambrian Labor Party Higgins
Ashley Cato 1990 Gallambrian Labor Party Hillingdon
Brendan Lawrence 1990 Gallambrian National Party Richmond Park
Peter Cootes 1990 Liberal Party Hounslow Minister of State for Finance, Regulation and Taxation
Lauren Cambridge 1990 Liberal Party Winstanley Minister of State for Veterans Affairs
Lyle Brantson 1990 Liberal Party Fellgate
James Thompson-Grey 1990 Liberal Party Fenner Minister of State for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food
Laura Chandra 1990 Liberal Party Sevenoaks
Michael Percival 1993 Country National Party Fyde Secretary of State for the Arts, Culture and Sports
Mitchell Franklin 1993 Gallambrian Labor Party Bartle
Olivia Duke-Cohen 1993 Gallambrian Labor Party Petrie
Jeremy Knowles 1993 Gallambrian Labor Party Wentworth
Andrew Jack 1993 Gallambrian Labor Party Glebe
David Jones 1993 Gallambrian Labor Party Phillips
Kim Revell 1993 Gallambrian Labor Party Rothwall
Charles Richards 1993 Gallambrian Labor Party Wessex
Clinton Dennison 1993 Gallambrian National Party Somerton and Frome
Adele Magoveny 1993 Gallambrian National Party Warwick
Robert Burnham 1993 Gallambrian National Party Ludlow
Nathan Grima 1993 Gallambrian National Party Hastings Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
Michael Rose 1993 Independent Rosewood
Carmen McFarland 1993 Liberal Party Eastbury
Arthur Matthews 1993 Liberal Party Southall Green Minister of State for Pensions and Financial Inclusion
Charlotte O'Neill 1993 Liberal Party Levenshulme Secretary of State for Defence
Lachlan Peterson 1993 Liberal Party Apsley Guise
Christopher Hawkins 1993 Liberal Party Chipping Minister of State for Research, Innovation and Intellectual Property
Stuart Abrahams 1993 Liberal Party Broadwater Minister of State for Defence Industry
Sarah Newell 1993 Liberal Party Normanton
Holly McLelland 1993 Liberal Party Blaenau Gwent Minister of State for Corrective Services
Evan Habberford 1996 Gallambrian Labor Party Didnottingham
Savinder Arora 1996 Gallambrian Labor Party Pearlston
Ada Driscoll 1996 Gallambrian National Party Farmheath
Amanda Marsden-Spence 1996 Gallambrian National Party Milton Keys Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Family Support and Child Maintenance
Jessica Cromwell 1996 Gallambrian National Party Hove
Vanessa Pinto 1996 Independent Audon
Jeremiah Klien 1996 Liberal Party Bonney
Paulette Goodner 1996 Liberal Party Derbyshire Dales Minister of State for Wealth Management, Superannuation and the Economy
Ted Beckett 1996 Liberal Party Londonderry
Sabrina Cortez 1996 Liberal Party Abercowny Solicitor-General
Charles Pearson 1997 Liberal Party Westcombe
Patrick Newton 1999 Gallambrian Labor Party Fischer
Tony Hennessey 1999 Gallambrian Labor Party Hasluck
Gerald Theroux 1999 Gallambrian Labor Party Scullin
Susan Doyle 1999 Gallambrian Labor Party Gauley
Anna King 1999 Gallambrian Labor Party Eamonte
Donald Kingsley 1999 Gallambrian Labor Party Cotmanhay
Wayne Mann 1999 Gallambrian Labor Party Weald Bassett
Robert Pearson 1999 Gallambrian Labor Party Hedge End
Emma Leighford 1999 Gallambrian National Party Nuneaton Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Crime, Safeguarding and Vunerability
Daniel Jones-Taylor 1999 Liberal Party Brooklands Minister of State for Small Business, Consumers and Corporate Responsibility
George Parker 1999 Liberal Party Bromley Commons Minister of State for Industry and Energy
Thomas Griffiths 1999 Liberal Party Frome Vale
Sophia Cunnignham 1999 Liberal Party Moncrieff Minister of State for Housing
Owen Novak 1999 Liberal Party Davidson Minister of State for Trade and Export Promotion
Audrey Garnet 1999 Liberal Party Holsworthy Minister of State for Police and Emergency Services
Troy Clarkson 1999 Liberal Party Deptford
Anna Pollakowski 1999 Liberal Party Falkirk Minister of State for the Digital Economy
Rowan Brandt 1999 N/A Chipping Barnett Speaker
Richard Lee 2002 Gallambrian Labor Party Chisholm
Charles Finch 2002 Gallambrian Labor Party Wright
Paul Wells 2002 Gallambrian Labor Party Penrose
Angus MacMillan 2002 Independent Bysouth
Mark Brighton-Wells 2002 Liberal Party Chessington Minister of State for Transport
Michael O'Callaghan 2002 Liberal Party Hale Barnes Treasurer
Amelia Carson 2002 Liberal Party Hotham Minister of State for Public Works
Anthony Fleming 2002 Liberal Party Chatsworth Deputy Treasurer
Anthony Phillips 2002 Liberal Party Banbury Minister of State for Biosecurity
Kathleen Jacobson 2002 Liberal Party Wickford
Neil Williams 2005 Gallambria First Party Windsor
Elizabeth Withington 2005 Gallambria First Party Redfern
Stacey Young 2005 Gallambrian Greens Party Dunwich
Alecksander Gorecki 2005 Gallambrian Greens Party Allworth
Bradley McDermott 2005 Gallambrian Labor Party Lanesbury
Natalie Curzi 2005 Gallambrian Labor Party Basildon
Caroline Shapiro 2005 Gallambrian Labor Party Swanson
Charles Callaghan 2005 Gallambrian Labor Party Canning
Stephen Levett 2005 Gallambrian Labor Party Buckland
Stuart Mackenzie 2005 Gallambrian Labor Party St Marks
Sebastian Fimone 2005 Liberal Party Macalister Minister of State for Defence Personnel
Timothy Mosely 2008 Gallambrian Labor Party Falloway
Nadia Burnett 2008 Liberal Party Colyers Prime Minister
Anastacia Laws 2008 Liberal Party Finsbury Parkes Secretary of State for Communications, Media and the Digital Economy
Trent Neumann 2008 Liberal Party Graveney Secretary of State for Health, Social Care and Human Services
Daniel Hartford 2008 Liberal Party Tynemouth Attorney-General
Sakura Evans 2011 Gallambrian Labor Party Lighton
Jill Kirk 2011 Gallambrian Labor Party Cote Heath
Samuel Tamahori 2011 Gallambrian National Party Stoke-on-Trent Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development
Julian Mustoe 2011 Independent Barridge
Martin Walters 2011 Liberal Party Shortland Minister of State for Disability and Aged Care
Margaret Lawson-Cox 2011 Liberal Party Gippsland Minister of State without Portfolio
Thomas Morrison 2011 Liberal Party Napier
David Baker 2011 Liberal Party Valencia Minister of State for the Cabinet Office
Robert Francis 2014 Gallambrian Greens Party Malborough
Claire Hyman 2014 Gallambrian Greens Party Gleeson
Scott Mataraci 2014 Gallambrian Labor Party Fairbourne
Kate Burns-Laing 2014 Gallambrian Labor Party Menzies
Jeffrey Edwards 2014 Gallambrian Labor Party Windle
Oliver Hollis 2014 Gallambrian Labor Party Shevlock
John McConaghy 2014 Gallambrian Labor Party Tollesbury
Kashmira Naik 2014 Gallambrian Labor Party Thames Head
Ian Waldron 2014 Gallambrian Labor Party Wellington
Gabriella Robinson 2014 Liberal Party Atherleigh Secretary of State for the Home Office
Elijah Ward 2014 Liberal Party Stirling
Alexandra Sadana 2014 Liberal Party Helensville Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Court Services and Reform
Bennet Delaney 2014 Liberal Party Charnwood
Glenn Carlson 2014 Liberal Party Shireworth Minister of State for Trade Policy
Alice Mavrinac 2014 Liberal Party Delyn Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Growth and Planning
Roger Josephson 2017 Country National Party Don Valley Minister of State for Aurelia
Andrew Bayliss 2017 Gallambrian Greens Party Camberwell
Marcus Belmonte 2017 Gallambrian Labor Party Wakefield
Fiona Marshall 2017 Gallambrian Labor Party Watson
Theresa Martin-Rovet 2017 Gallambrian Labor Party Pearce
Barry Duncan 2017 Gallambrian Labor Party Molyneaux
Sarah George 2017 Gallambrian Labor Party Temple Newsam
Yvonne Killen 2017 Gallambrian Labor Party Arnside
David Knott 2017 Gallambrian Labor Party Exwick
Hillary Mahoney 2017 Gallambrian National Party Surrey Heath
David Berkovich 2017 Gallambrian National Party St Albans
Robert Sawyer 2017 Gallambrian National Party Kenilworth
Francis Duncan 2017 Liberal Party Upper Norwood Secretary of State for Education, Training and Workplace Relations
Penelope Garcis 2017 Liberal Party Bradfield Minister of State for Employment and Workplace Relations
Nicholas Adamson 2017 Liberal Party Fincheley
Norman Grice 2018 Gallambrian Greens Party Ohariou
Antonia Blundell 2018 Gallambrian Labor Party Otaki
James Goslin 2018 Gallambrian Labor Party Papakura
Issac Mahaki-Maia 2018 Liberal Party Mangere Minister of State for Marenai Affairs
Carson Lewis 2018 Liberal Party Ohakea
Simon Ratana 2018 Liberal Party Kaikora Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Marenai and Indigenous Health
Benjamin Stevenson 2018 Liberal Party Manuwera Minister of State for the Arts, Heritage and Tourism
Maryam Ward 1978 Socialists Alliance Retford
Caelan Hawkins 1978 Socialists Alliance Wakefield
Mario Howard 1978 Gallambrian Labor Party Attleborough
Mila Burns 1978 Gallambrian Labor Party Clevedon
Ela Roberts 1978 Gallambrian Labor Party Glastonbury
Orion Baxter 1978 Gallambrian Labor Party Oswestry
Haris Ball 1978 Gallambrian National Party Margate
Violet Stephens 1978 Liberal Party Alsager
Franklin Fraser 1978 Liberal Party Eton
Carter Davis 1978 Liberal Party Falmouth
Lennox Fox 1978 Liberal Party Jarrow Minister of State for Workplace Relations and Union Reform
Dennis Sharp 1978 Liberal Party Petersfield
Walter Ball 1981 Socialists Alliance Darley Dale
Aaron Burke 1981 Socialists Alliance Droitwich Spa
Robert Lawson 1981 Gallambrian Labor Party Hayle
Anaya Perry 1981 Gallambrian National Party Ripon
Lawrence Cole 1981 Liberal Party Mablethorpe Minister of State for Alharu
Tobias Davies 1981 Liberal Party Shrewsbury
Nyla Wallace 1984 Socialists Alliance Luton
Macie Holland 1984 Gallambrian Labor Party Cromer
Cameron Clark 1984 Gallambrian Labor Party Knaresborough
Albi Powell 1984 Gallambrian Labor Party Swindon
Alicia Cole 1984 Gallambrian Labor Party Towcester
Anna Mason 1984 Gallambrian Labor Party Welwyn
Lucia Austin 1984 Gallambrian Labor Party Wickford
Timothy Roberts 1984 Gallambrian National Party Quinttrell Downs
Victoria Elliott 1984 Gallambrian National Party Workington
Ewan Smith 1984 Liberal Party Durham
Bertie Hayes 1984 Liberal Party Ealing
Natan Berry 1984 Liberal Party Ivybridge
Frank Clark 1987 Socialists Alliance Aspatria
Sabrina Howard 1987 Socialists Alliance Newton-le-Willows
Layton Cooper 1987 Socialists Alliance Ryde
Jimmy Harrison 1987 Socialists Alliance Rugby
Ellie-Mae Elliott 1987 Gallambrian Labor Party Uxbridge
Ava Owen 1987 Gallambrian Labor Party Walthamstow
Matthew Morris 1987 Gallambrian National Party Burgess Hill
Jaxon Poole 1987 Gallambrian National Party Camberley
Ayden Mccarthy 1987 Gallambrian National Party Fleetwood
Johnny Palmer 1987 Gallambrian National Party Hove
Reece Hussain 1987 Liberal Party Petworth
Elliot Phillips 1987 Liberal Party Tavistock Secretary of State for Foreign and Dominion Affairs
Isaac Clarke 1987 Liberal Party Wigan Minister of State for Thalassa
Louis Byrne 1990 Socialists Alliance Leyton
Hayden Davis 1990 Socialists Alliance Wisbech
Robin Watson 1990 Gallambrian National Party Cowes
Walter Williamson 1990 Gallambrian National Party Framlingham
Maria Henderson 1990 Gallambrian National Party Salcombe
Skylar Collins 1990 Gallambrian National Party Watchet
Zac Davies 1990 Liberal Party Minehead
Axel Gordon 1993 Socialists Alliance Southwold
William Simpson 1993 Gallambrian Labor Party Ledbury
Elis Davis 1993 Gallambrian Labor Party Newark-on-Trent
Rae Robertson 1993 Gallambrian National Party Aylsham
Henry Parry 1993 Gallambrian National Party Hereford Secretary of State for Trade, Investment and International Development
Alfred Hughes 1993 Gallambrian National Party Lynton
George Morgan 1993 Liberal Party Grange-over-Sands
Aryan Palmer 1996 Socialists Alliance Appleby-in-Westmorland
Sami Hayes 1996 Socialists Alliance Keswick
Annabel Wood 1996 Socialists Alliance Penzance
Kobi Barnes 1996 Socialists Alliance Tewkesbury
Dominic Parry 1996 Country National Party Thaxted Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Defence Treaties and Collective Defence
Tom Roberts 1996 Country National Party Wells
Milo Fletcher 1996 Gallambrian Labor Party Loughton
Laurence Watson 1996 Gallambrian Labor Party Preston
Aya Perry 1996 Gallambrian Labor Party Thornaby
Eliana Poole 1996 Gallambrian Labor Party Tunbridge Wells
Sebastian Gill 1996 Gallambrian National Party Dagenham
Charles Owen 1996 Gallambrian National Party Nottingham
Anais Dubois 1996 Liberal Party Cullompton Minister of State for Education and Testing Standards
Miriam Armstrong 1999 Socialists Party of Gallambria Nailsea
Prince Newman 1999 Gallambrian Labor Party Barnstaple
Milena Russell 1999 Gallambrian Labor Party Filey
Hudson Dixon 1999 Gallambrian Labor Party Redditch
Zain Walsh 1999 Gallambrian Labor Party Shoreham-by-Sea
Hayden Lane 1999 Gallambrian National Party Dunstable
Dillon Fraser 1999 Gallambrian National Party Godalming
Jaden Poole 1999 Liberal Party East Grinstead Minister of State for Immigration and Border Protection
Alicia Sharp 2002 Socialists Party of Gallambria Market Rasen
Jax Gardner 2002 Socialists Party of Gallambria Sutton-in-Ashfield
Marcus Lane 2002 Gallambrian Labor Party Bromsgrove
Jasmine Simpson 2002 Gallambrian Labor Party Dorchester
Minnie Wilson 2002 Gallambrian Labor Party Gillingham
Josh Gill 2002 Gallambrian Labor Party St Asaph
Charles Miller 2002 Gallambrian Labor Party Stockon-on-Lees
Elizabeth Carr 2002 Gallambrian National Party Uckfield
Maxwell Cooper 2002 Liberal Party Hemel
Fletcher Robinson 2005 Gallambrian Labor Party Basildon
Anastasia Walsh 2005 Gallambrian Labor Party Harrogate
Cameron Nicholson 2005 Gallambrian Labor Party Ormskirk
Ariella Mills 2005 Gallambrian Labor Party Teignmouth
Victor Ward 2005 Gallambrian National Party Chorley
Kairo Bennett 2005 Gallambrian National Party Frodsham
John Rose 2005 Gallambrian National Party Hebden Bridge
Marcus Porter 2005 Liberal Party Grimsby
Nathaniel Newman 2005 Liberal Party Strood
Jasper Campbell 2008 Socialists Party of Gallambria Bexhill-on-Sea
Francesca Griffiths 2008 Socialists Party of Gallambria Oxford
Maisy Wright 2008 Socialists Party of Gallambria Reading
Darcy Palmer 2008 Socialists Party of Gallambria Rotherham
Edwin Marshall 2008 Gallambrian Labor Party Atherstone
Julian Read 2008 Gallambrian Labor Party Kempston
Oscar Lewis 2008 Gallambrian Labor Party Nuneaton
Tiana Armstrong 2008 Gallambrian National Party Ulverston
Natalie Baxter 2008 Gallambrian National Party Yeadon
Theo Mccarthy 2008 Liberal Party Worthing Minister of State for Trade and Export Promotion
Leighton Watts 2011 Socialists Party of Gallambria Brentwood
Isa Webb 2011 Socialists Party of Gallambria Windermere
Cian King 2011 Socialists Party of Gallambria Yoxall
Jasmine Moss 2011 Gallambrian Labor Party Harlow
Josh Martin 2011 Gallambrian Labor Party Oldham
Joey Rose 2011 Gallambrian Labor Party Poltimore
Roman Gardner 2011 Gallambrian Labor Party Southwell
Arabella Stevens 2011 Liberal Party Acton Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Victims, Female Offenders and Offender Health
Levi Houghton 2011 Liberal Party Hythe Minister of State for Security and Counter-Terrorism
Nicolas Ellis 2011 Liberal Party Lythan St Annes Minister of State for Policing and the Emergency Services
George Murphy 2011 Liberal Party Runcorn Minister of State for Europa
Eddie Khan 2014 Socialists Party of Gallambria Foxley
Casey Thompson 2014 Socialists Party of Gallambria Launceston
Felix Mitchell 2014 Socialists Party of Gallambria Royston
Mark Francis 2014 Socialists Party of Gallambria Southam
Ernie Day 2014 Socialists Party of Gallambria Uppingham
Thomas Shelby 2014 Gallambrian Labor Party Burham-on-sea
Neve Ball 2014 Gallambrian Labor Party Epping
Ray Austin 2014 Gallambrian Labor Party Needham Market
Ollie Williams 2014 Gallambrian Labor Party Ramsgate
Tyler Kelly 2014 Gallambrian National Party Bracknelll
Tristan Barrett 2014 Gallambrian National Party Fakenham
Austin Hawkins 2014 Gallambrian National Party Great Yarmouth
Anya Rose 2014 Gallambrian National Party Taunton
Oskar Fraser 2014 Liberal Party Didcot
Carter Houghton 2014 Liberal Party South Molton Minister of State for Communities and Local Government
Ellis Jordan 2014 Liberal Party Winchelsea
Charles West 2014 Liberal Party Yarm Minister of State for Marenesia
Zoe Gibson 2017 Socialists Party of Gallambria Newmarket
Felix Jackson 2017 Socialists Party of Gallambria Shepton Mallet
Megan Henderson 2017 Gallambrian Labor Party Denholme
Tiana Edwards 2017 Gallambrian National Party Bishop's Stortford
Sophia Gray 2017 Gallambrian National Party Telford
Hayden Spencer 2017 Liberal Party St Neots Minister of State for Investment
Jackson Cunningham 2017 Liberal Party Saxmundham