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Eras Community Map (29/5/23)
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Access the full version of the map and claim a spot HERE
What is Eras?
Eras is the largest of The North Pacifics four forum roleplay communities. It is set in a Modern Tech+ setting, meaning it's largely a world similar to what we live in today but features a handful of races of non-human origin, or technology that is ever-so-slightly ahead of our own. However, this doesn't stop role-players from writing historical roleplay set far in the past.

Primarily, the setting focuses on narratives, characters, and political intrigue amongst governments with direct war roleplay taking the backburner (although we are also home to very talented military worldbuilders). As an RP community, we strive for collaboration in the commitment and consensus of the RP setting worldbuilding, aiming for creativity through diverse ideas built by each individual member of the community.
How to Join Eras
While Eras is tied to the NationStates region The North Pacific, having a citizenship, or even a nation present in the region isn't a pre-requisite. The only thing a prospective role-player needs is a Forum Account in order to post in the Roleplay subforum, where all In-Character activity takes place.
After registering, you'll want to head to the Map Thread - you can either join the Discord and discuss with more established role-players which place could fit you best; or you can make a claim right away. Eras has no hard limit on what you can and cannot do with your nation in respect to its geographic location, so there's never a need to worry about feeling limited.
Typically, you don't need to wait for your map claim to be processed in order to begin partaking and building your nation which means, from this point on, you're able to roleplay, worldbuild, and grow in Eras. For a detailed FAQ, see the Additional links.